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Women’s Hand-Made Navy Italian-Finish Biker Jacket with Detachable Black Fox Fur Collar


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Women’s Hand-Made Navy Italian-Finish Biker Jacket with Detachable Black Fox Fur Collar. The item is very soft, lightweight and supple because of which has tremendous demand in the global fashion industry. Since it is sourced from the polar region, the item offers sufficient warmth and comfort in extreme chilly climates.

High quality leather imported from Italy, authentic black fox fur plates sourced from the poles in the collar line and on top of everything fine Italian craftsmanship. In short this is the gist of the facts related to this unique and outstanding range of navy colored Moto leather jackets with detachable black fox fur for women. The 100% Italian-finish leather itself is a premium item in the fashion industry. The detachable black fur collar line makes the item unbelievably regal to arrest everyone’s attention on you. Moreover, you can wear the jacket both with and without the fur collar making new fashion statements frequently.

The leather has superb aniline finishing while the jacket has pipe-cut design, front design snap buttons, chrome-finished zippers and 2-sided zippered sleeves. Each of these designing details adds quality to the product making it classier and more elegant. The pipe-cut design underlines those feminine curves and assets on your body in a refined and tasteful manner. The entire item is manually stitched by hands. Highly trained and skilled craftsmen based in Italy have done the stitching and cutting with ultimate care, caution, effort, diligence and precision. The product line reflects an absolutely flawless finishing.

The item range is readily available in various sizes. Thus perfect fit is assured without considering your height or figure. Unlike its competitors you can use this Moto jacket as a proper dress and can definitely attend different types of social gatherings or events in it. The biker jacket unfailingly reveals your delicate taste and rich choice in fashion. The product line radiates unparalleled sophistication and style to help you standout distinctly in any crowd.

Unlike the other varieties this one not only refurbishes your looks and appearance but also your personality and aura. This is your best option to appear smarter, younger, hotter, sexier, more stylish, tasteful, sophisticated, dignified and confident.

Limited stocks are fast vanishing away at Alen Cooper. Place your order now before they declare out of stock.

  • Authentic plates of black fox fur plates in the collar line
  • Pure Italian-finished leather imported along the Mediterranean coast
  • Unadulterated Italian craftsmanship
  • Detachable collar line allows wearing the jacket in different ways
  • Delicate fur sourced from Finland, Europe
  • Thoroughly crafted manually by hands
  • Leather thickness ranging between 0.8 to 0.9 mm
  • Superior Aniline finishing
  • Stylish zipper side pockets
  • High-quality chrome finished zippers
  • Front design snap buttons
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Ideal for harsh chilly climates
  • Perfect fit guaranteed for everyone without considering height or figure
  • The item readily comes in a wide variation of sizes
  • Pipe cut design helps you look more attractive, sensual and charming
  • 2 sided zippered sleeves
  • Absolutely flawless finishing
  • Greater value for your money assured
  • Allows you replace a proper dress easily and effortlessly
  • Undeniably radiates supreme grace and style
  • Suitable for different types of social gatherings and events
  • Innovatively designed with care and precision to make you look prettier as well as transform your personality magically and redefine your aura
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