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Womens Fox Fur Crop Jacket with Hood for Warmth and Fashion


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This deluxe womens fox fur crop jacket with hood is designed using sectioned pelts from Blue fox. The careful assembling of each pelt gives a wavy texture to this outfit. Its fuller look results from the long guard-hair. It also keeps the body warm by working as a shield against the freezing wind. This long-sleeved outfit offers all-round protection to the upper body throughout the winter.

Unique Qualities of Fox Fur Womens Crop Jacket with Hood

Fox fur is known for its breathability along with its incredible warm. Because of this quality, this jacket can keep one comfortable throughout the winter. It doesn’t cause overheating when the temperature is mildly cold. At the same time, it offers excellent insulation from the cold when it’s freezing outside.

The patterned arrangement of the pelts certainly enhances its aesthetic appeal. It can make a woman look effortlessly elegant. Because of its trendy looks, it’s ideal for semi-formal occasions or celebratory events. This lightweight jacket is equally suitable for casual outings. With a thick undercoat, it offers a cushy feel to the wearer.

Magnificence of Womens Crop Fox Fur Jacket with Hood

Using a centrally located metal zipper, one can close this outfit for absolute protection in winter. The chrome finish increases its longevity and keeps it user-friendly for years. The luster and warmth of fox fur also remains intact for decades. It only requires minimum maintenance. With a hood of fur, it protects the head and neck. The base of the hood forms a thick collar around the neck.

The frontline of fox fur is another comforting as well as stylizing feature of this outfit. The long sleeves look stunning with tiered pattern of the pelts. To be a trendsetter, one may pair this elegant cropped jacket with feminine outfits, such as skirts or dresses, or casual attire, such as jeans or tights.

Key Components

  • Luxurious crop jacket of fox fur in a rich shade of black
  • Looks gorgeous with paragraph pattern arrangement of fur
  • A large hood with a wide collar of fox fur
  • Stylish and comforting frontline of fur
  • Metal zipper for closure with chrome finish
  • Side pockets for convenience and comfort
  • Soft satin lining for ultimate comfort


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