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Womens Fox Fur Coat with Hood for Warmth and Style in Winter


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This luxuriant womens fox fur coat with hood can keep one warm despite the freezing temperatures of winter. It has been handcrafted using the full-skin pelts of Silver fox. They are arranged artistically to wrap one in the cozy warmth of fur. The furry hood offers warmth to the head and neck. This outfit is also designed with a hook-and-eye fastener and satin lining for a pleasant feel.

Fashionable Womens Coat of Fox Fur with Hood with Exclusive Features

Designers have handcrafted this magnificent coat by arranging the thick pelts of fur in tiered pattern. The sleeves are designed in similar fashion. This designing style certainly makes this coat look ravishing. At the same time, it keeps one warm and cozy even when the temperature is freezing. The furry hood is another key feature of this outfit. It protects the head and neck in colder months.

This outfit has satin lining. Its silky texture undeniably enhances the pleasure of wearing this coat. It’s also designed with side pockets to carry multiple essentials. One may even use them to keep the palms warm.

This elegant coat will be the right outfit for partying in winter. It will pair fashionably with any gorgeous dress or skirt designed for festivities. Also, this lightweight outfit can keep one warm without any discomfort during outdoor trips or activities. Therefore, one may pair it with dress pants, jeans, tights or joggers to step out in style. The natural shades of Silver fox fur also matches with a wide variety of colors. Thus, one may style in different ways when wearing this coat.

Key Components

  • Luxurious coat of Silver fox fur designed artistically with paragraph pattern of pelts
  • Large hood of fox fur to comfort the neck and head
  • Satin lining with velvety softness offer a pleasant feel to the wearer
  • Durable hook-and-eye fastener to close up this outfit
  • Slit-style side pockets for convenience and comfort
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