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White Full Skin Mink Fur Jacket for Men



This is a Special/Customized Order. 

DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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Full Skin Mink Fur Jackets style up for every generation. In fashion industry fur is never out of fashion. As a broad range of looks for Men of all ages this Mink product with a plush texture continues to add an element for a new or a vintage style.

This Full Skin Mink Fur Jacket for Men is made from genuine pelts of mink, which is very soft, smooth and dense in texture. The Milky White Hue gives a calm and cool appearance is of waist length and is ideal for regions that experience harsh, bitter winter for months, with the temperature dropping down to the freezing point. Providing you an impactful appearance, this White Flawless attire is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. With Long Sleeves it has a Hood to provide desired warmth that is required in severe winter months. This outfit has two Spacious Side Cut Pockets that will provide you extra warmth with protection in the coldest days. With Premium Quality Silk Lining, it has a Premium Quality Metal Zipper as Closure that reflects absolutely flawless finishing

Designed with immense love and care the mink fur item strikes the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. This Jacket will give you a unique look and it will also define your high taste towards fashion.With minimal care and maintenance this product range is assured to last for years at a stretch.

The mink fur Jacket highlights masculinity with attitude and ensure value for your hard-earned money.



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