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Tan Genuine Leather Wallet to Carry Essentials in Style



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This tan genuine leather wallet is undeniably a fashionable accessory for men. At the same time, it allows one to carry multiple essentials with safety. Designers have maintained a perfect balance between the aesthetic and practical features when handcrafting this wallet using milled cowhide. Its uniform texture as well as the stitching lines that highlight the border is a testament to fine craftsmanship.

The stitched borders of this wallet deserve a special mention. Certainly, it’s an aesthetic feature. At the same time, the stitching across the border increases the durability of this leather wallet. Without requiring any maintenance, it can be used for years with no change in quality or appearance. Furthermore, flexibility of the milled leather prevents any crease lines from developing in this bi-fold wallet.

It easily fits inside the pocket of all types of men’s trousers whether it’s a pair of jeans, dress pants or leather pants. This feature certainly makes this wallet a versatile and useful accessory. It has six slots of varying sizes to safely carry different types of cards. They’re evenly spaced to prevent crowding.

The backside chamber of this wallet is designed to safely carry the bills. Its upper border has a curved notch which isn’t just a stylizing feature. It allows one to easily fold the wallet without any constriction. When one carries this deluxe wallet of milled cowhide, it serves as a proof of their refined taste.

Prominent Features

  • Designed using soft milled cowhide which attests to the premium quality of this wallet
  • Handcrafted using finest materials to ensure longevity along with great looks
  • Uniform texture and smooth surface
  • Six slots of varying sizes for cards
  • Stitching along the border using blue thread to ensure durability and enhance aesthetics
  • Back slot has sufficient space for carrying bills without folding
  • Top border of the back slot has a curved notch to prevent constriction when folding the wallet
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