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Stylish Kids Parka with Fur in Hood – Stay Fashionable & Playful


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This stylish kids parka with fur in hood brings the comfort of Rex rabbit fur along with the finest quality polyester. The exterior shell of this parka is made of breathable polyester material. It can keep a kid cool and fresh throughout the day. At the same time, the lining of Rex Rabbit fur enhances the comfort of wearing this winter-outfit. With dense undercoat and shorter guard-hair, the fur has velvety texture. Therefore, this parka will keep a kid warm and comfortable for any length of time.

Spectacular Features of Kids Stylish Parka with Fur in Hood

The moisture wicking capacity of polyester truly keeps one fresh and dry for hours. Therefore, a kid won’t feel sweaty in this parka. It will be an excellent choice for winter-time outdoor activities. Polyester fiber is also known for its wrinkle resisting capacity. Furthermore, this fabric is easy to clean. There is no need to worry about the loss of shape or aesthetic charm if kids are having fun in this parka.

The large hood is bordered by the trims of fox fur. It certainly offers absolute protection from the chilly wind. The outer shell of polyester along with the lining of Rex Rabbit fur keeps one warm by retaining the body-heat. At the same time, the trims of fox fur bordering the hood shield the face from the cold wind.

The hood is designed with a strap. It’s used to keep the hood affixed to the back of the parka when it’s not being worn. This outfit is also designed with a vent as well as front buttons for closure. As can be seen, the backside of this outfit is prettified by two modish buttons at the top of the vent. Kids can carry their essentials using the side pockets after wearing this fashionable parka.

Key Components:

  • Stylish parka for kids designed using premium polyester material along with Rex rabbit fur in lining
  • Extremely durable outfit which offers a feeling of freshness and warmth to the kid
  • Long sleeves and hood offer absolute protection in colder months
  • Border of the hood is accentuated by trims of fox fur that safeguard one from the cold wind
  • Lightweight fabric makes this outfit ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Side pockets are useful for carrying kids’ personal items
  • Designed with a vent in the back and front buttons for closure
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