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Stunning Long Black Parka with Voluminous Purple Hood for Women


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Description: Winter is all about creating your own style statement. To create your own statement now you do not have to copy others as Alen Cooper is here with its exclusive winter parka collection. It is a long black parka with a voluminous purple fur hood (raccoon). The inner lining is of raccoon fur and shell is of washable cotton material. You can enjoy both the open and closed front style with this one. Here you will get both the zipper and button front closure.

Storyline-This year, long parkas are fash pack’s main squeeze and you just cannot deny it. It is an amazing winter outerwear option with comfortable warmth value. It has an ancient root in Canada. Caribou Inuit in the Canadian Arctic has invented this type of winter outerwear to protect wind and wetness while hunting and kayaking. To make some parka water-resistant, they used to coat the jackets with fish oil.

According to the South Baffin tradition, if a man wears amauli (parka) will be more successful during hunting for some particular species of animals in their hunting season.

If you look at the history of the parka, you will notice the rapid and advanced changes in jacket’s designs. In the 1900s, superior clothing and smart production techniques took place. Manufacturers are on continuing experiment to offer their customers the best products along with high style value. As a result of the experiment, there are some parkas which are longer than regular pieces and highly stylish. To ensure the comfort, warmth, and high style value, some manufacturers have added fur hood and lining. You will notice a lot of celebrities wear a parka with voluminous fur hood. Here, Alen Cooper has created its own unique parka collection to set your winter style statement. This era is all about creating something unique instead of copying others.

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