Hybrid Silver Fox Nylon Parka Convertible for Women


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Winters are not only about staying back behind doors and windows. They used to be a dreary and frizzy season that just brought forth a lot of laziness in people. However, with time, winter has been effectively beaten with well-equipped garments. And so, with the considerable development, the season no longer remains miserable but rather a style season full of celebrations. When it is to winter clothing for men and women, the most prestigious collections of varied designs consistently seem to be offered by Alen Cooper. The women’s silver fox nylon parka is a design that casts the key winter fending abilities and fashion statement.  

The pea-length coat is made of 100% goose down filling and so the shell reflects its efficacy towards shielding the adverse weather. With this, the parka-style outerwear makes a great winter wear option when the temperature is extremely poor. Dense padding provides utmost insulation and further, warmth retention is preserved by internal lining made of satin. Additionally, the silky texture of premium satin offers opulence. The outer shell layer of the coat is made of pure high-end nylon.

When it comes to being flexible for events, outerwear can be highly beneficial. It serves multiple functions. Donning it for chilly winter parties or Christmas Eve makes a great fashion statement. It’s fancy styling of the frontline with gorgeous Silver Fox fur gives off a tremendously attractive charm. Further, extended cuffs mark a splendor attributable to the natural fur’s dense appeal. The contrasting tones unveil the coat’s elegance and make it even more suitable for placing as a gift option. Casual night-outs can now be made even easier with this effortless winter dressing.     

Besides the allure, the detailing ensures a snug feel and makes it the most luxurious being. The stylistically tailored collar makes a cutting-edge spin on current trends. Alternatively, it provides the wearer with a fancy-looking stunning hooded option.

However, the silver fox nylon parka carries an easy sliding front zipper closing and button-closed front flap pockets for extra snugness. Waistline reflects a structured fit which is improved by drawstring ribbon closure. 

Putting to an end, the winter shield imparts utter comfort and encourages extended periods of continuous use. It weighs less in contrast to its defense capacity. Being single-toned, the black parka makes the most suitable winter option. Lastly, to enhance its season adaptability, the outer nylon shell is detailed with a zip-out option, while leaving behind a separate individual vest having the furry frontline together with the puffy down-filled padding. 

Physical Features: 

  • Pea-length hybrid Parka Coat and vest
  • Anti-shedding original silver fox fur
  • Accessorized frontline and cuffs
  • Pure 100% Nylon
  • Zipper front closure
  • Flap style tilted front pockets on sides
  • Waistline adjustment with drawstrings
  • High-end product with extended durability
  • Extended Stylish Collar with the option of a fixed hood 
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