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Real Fox Fur Winter Coat for Women with Super Stylish Paragraph Design


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This charismatic paragraph style real fox fur winter coat for women smoothly adds sophistication and congeniality to the wardrobe as day-to-day winter wear. Alencooper has scrupulously handcrafted this magnificent attire to suit any social gatherings or formal events. This waist-length coat ending above the knee has been custom-made from genuine cross-fox fur to offer maximal warmth and a super stylish appearance to women. Superbly furnished from the original pelts of the cross fox this ultra-warm coat has a soft supple texture with a plush feel. The smart blending of dual colors namely white and grey makes this chic warm outerwear a suitable match for trousers, denims and even long dresses and skirts. The intrinsic lining of pure satin makes this attire far more delicate and smooth for the skin and does not make it feel heavy on the body.

This winter coat of real fox fur has a glamorous appeal due to its regal six-paragraph style layered pattern. It meticulously showcases the co-joined design of real fox pelts in such an orderly manner that the number of paragraphs can be counted distinctly. The paragraph style displays a design of rectangular sections running down evenly from top to bottom of the coat. It has long fluffy sleeves with similar noticeable paragraph segments, markedly broadening a little over the wrists in a spacious stylized pattern. The levelled-up arrangement of combined pelts can be seen till the waist-length of this gorgeous winter coat in a uniform pattern. There are slant-style pockets to keep your hands warm from biting cold air as well as to carry some basics.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from authentic cross fox fur imparting utmost thermal comfort.
  • Super stylish waist-length coat with a soft supple texture and plush feel.
  • Original pelts of fox used in a uniform paragraph style segmented pattern body.
  • Long fluffy sleeves extend a little over the wrists in a spacious stylized design.
  • Pure satin silk lining makes this winter wear super soft on the skin.
  • This gorgeous greyish-white coat can be paired with any suitable bottom wear.
  • Ultra-warm outerwear is perfect against harsh winter conditions.
  • Side pockets on both sides keep hands warm against cold weather.
  • Concealed zipper finish guarantees maximal warmth and an ideal body fit.
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