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Raccoon Fur Women Coat in Ankle Length Style


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The Raccoon Fur Women Coat is a long piece of warm wrap that shows a perfect balance between fashion and function, and therefore also sets a benchmark on current trends. It is designed with the thought of making it last long both in terms of fashion sense as well as physical structure.  Hence, innovative design concept extends its durability. 

Thus, this exquisite Raccoon Fur Women Coat preserves its appeal as well as continues to flourish when it is to function, even after years of use. 

About the Fur

The coat holds authentic full skin Raccoon Fur throughout the body and sleeves. It shows a uniform texture. Its length being till ankle level lends the wearer tremendous warmth and comfort that shows utter usefulness during extreme cold days. Not only that but also blue-hued fur further contributes to the visual appeal. Strikes of black in parallel mark for an unparalleled beauty. 

Besides, natural fur despite a voluminous and dense impression sticks to weigh less as compared to its tremendous shielding ability. 

Basic Traits of the Women Raccoon Fur Coat

To summarize, the long outerwear carries an internal lining of full-stretch top-notch satin, side slit pockets, and a fixed furry hood. These features markedly uplift the opulence. Additionally, the baggy fit style of full body and long sleeves maintains a warm envelope. However, the front is open without any closure for ease and style, yet completely fends the cold. 

In short, the Raccoon Fur Women Coat is a premier pick for optimizing one’s winter wardrobe and also ensures a profitable investment.  

Features of the Women Coat in Raccoon Fur

  • Ankle-length women’s Coat with long sleeves
  • Full Skin Raccoon Fur
  • Blends of black strikes along the body and sleeves compliment the blue-hued fur
  • Slit-style front pockets on sides for easy slide in and out
  • Front-Open Style
  • Overall baggy fit to keep in warmth and enhance insulation
  • Fixed raccoon fur hood with an internal satin lining
  • Complete internal silky smooth satin lining
  • Compact weight outerwear and soft-to-touch
  • Easy to wear and port


  • Fur – Authentic Raccoon Fur 
  • Internal lining – Premium Satin
  • Fur Texture – Uniform
  • Fixed Raccoon Fur Hood with Internal Satin Lining
  • Long Baggy Sleeves
  • Front-Open
  • Ankle-length Baggy Coat
  • Slit Pockets on Sides at Hip-Level
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-formal, Festive
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