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Raccoon Fur Long Parka with Detachable Vest and Fox Fur Hood


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Parkas form a tremendous winter staple which meets standards for both being an effective winter shield and being a part of iconic fashion. They appear to have a grand structure which itself reflects legacy. Alen Cooper introduces the raccoon fur long parka for women, a fantastic winter wear option with the ability to suit maximum possible attires.

About its features, the winter wear is a nylon shelled parka with garaunteed premium quality nylon. It has an internal lining made of natural raccoon fur. The trim is designed to curve out a uniform texture. When it comes to fending ability, a certain percentage is contributed by nylon shell as it fames its significant insulation capacity of an already trapped heat. Authentic dense fur does the the major wonder of armouring the icy weather. While being a winter wear, the coat also imparts the most luxurious and plush feel to the wearer. Furred winter wears are known for their ligh weight and so the parka irrespective of its impeccable defense capacity bears lesser weight and aids for comfort.

Basic features include premium button-fastened sleeve ends, dual front closure lended by zip-up style and button down trait. Front pockets are profitably spacious and secured by flap style button closure. Snap buttons accessorize the back of the coat. Further, the waist and hemline adds charm to the wear by accentuating the drawstring ribbon closure. It also promotes the adjustment tight. The buttom of the long length parka carries a vent at the back and makes yet another stylish stance.

What amazes more about the dressing is its detachable hood with a natural Arctic fox fur trim border, with again a detachable raccoon fur internal liner and an overall detachable internal vest resourced from the body’s fur liner. Each of them acts a separate piece of dressing. The segregated parts can be paired up with each other in variant combinations and make the most versatile and vivid appearance.   

Putting to an end, the raccoon fur long parka accounts for the most beneficial investment. With a single buy, one can keep continuing the luxury-feel throughout winter and for years with a very minimum upkeep effort. One can gain the variety of dressing options from a single parka. Also, dress codes pertaining to daily casual, semi-formal, partish, or even excursions can be made possible.    


Physical Features: 

  • Long-length hybrid Parka Coat and vest
  • Anti-shedding original raccoon and fox fur
  • Pure 100% Nylon
  • Detachable raccoon fur internal liner on body and hood
  • Zipper and button down dual front closure
  • Flap style tilted front pockets on sides
  • Waist and hemline adjustment with drawstrings
  • A bottom vent at the back
  • Button closure sleeve ending
  • High-end product with extended durability
  • Deatchable hood with fox fur trim 
  • Application : parka, vest and wind-cheater; with or without hood
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