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Mink Fur Bomber Coat with Double Mink Collar


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Winter can be fun with stylish and comfortable winter wear. Coats, Coats and vests for men protect from cold winds. Among all, fur Coats and coats are the elite class winter outfits due to their luxurious quality & looks. Alen cooper’s latest addition to the fur Coats is the Men’s Mink Fur Bomber Coat with Double Mink Collar. This mink fur is one of the finest fur types obtained from animals. Mink furs are lightweight and keep the wearer warm and comfortable.

This Mink fur Coat for men comes in the bomber category, although it lacks the feature of a bomber, like a ribbed knit collar, waistband and cuffs. However, like a bomber, this Coat is loose or standard fit and perfectly insulated for winter days. This mink fur bomber Coat is a full-sleeved winter attire for a smart man. Authentic mink fur pelts make this outfit that is warm, comfortable and chic in style. This waist-length Coat is black and has a dazzling or glazy appearance.

The front closure is with a premium quality metallic zip-lock system. The zipper makes the Coat easy to close and open whenever required. There are two side pockets in this outfit. The pockets are small storage spaces and serve warmth to the hands by keeping them inside.

The inner lining of this Coat is a silk-satin fabric that offers the wearer a feathery touch. The collar has a unique feature in this winter wear, it is a double mink collar. The brown and dark brown shades of this fur collar, add a special touch to the attire. This Coat goes well with any denim jeans or blue trousers to enhance the smart and elegant look of the wearer.


  • Original mink fur Coat
  • Black shade
  • Premium quality metallic zipper closure
  • Double mink fur collars
  • Soft, supple and comfortable
  • Full sleeved
  • Two side pockets


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