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Mid Length Mink Coat with Hood For An All-Time Modish Look


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Aristocracy of this mid length mink coat with hood is reflected through its charismatic looks and plush texture. Its velvety feel is the result of finest quality mink fur which has been treated using advanced techniques. It feels extremely smooth to the touch. At the same time, it can keep one pleasantly warm throughout the winter. With sleek looks, it’s befitting for all types of event whether it’s formal or celebratory.

Classy Qualities of Mink Coat with Hood of Mid Length

This mid-length outfit boasts of the premium qualities of mink fur. Its stunning aesthetic features are perfectly balanced with outstanding utilitarian qualities. It fits comfortably because of its unique design. However, the cuffs and hemline snugly fit to ones wrists and upper thigh due to being elasticated.

Owing to the short hair of mink fur, this coat offers pleasant warmth throughout the winter. It’s equally suitable for the moderately and freezing cold temperatures. One may even wear it to stay comfortable during the fall season. To heighten ones pleasure, this outfit is designed with silky soft satin lining. It’s also handcrafted with a large hood of mink fur to keep the head and neck warm.

Mink Coat of Mid Length with Hood – A Luxurious Companion for Winter

As can be seen, stylish buttons line the front part of this modish coat. This isn’t just a beautifying feature. They are closely set to create an effective shield against the chilly wind. Thus, one can enjoy maximum insulation from the cold. Furthermore, one has limitless styling options when wearing this coat.

Alongside enhancing a woman’s appearance, this coat has many convenient features. It has a slit-style pocket on each side. One may use them to carry personal items or to keep the palms covered from the cold.

Key Components

  • Elegant coat of premium quality mink fur with elasticated cuffs and hemline
  • Satin lining feels velvety soft to the touch
  • A hood of mink fur keeps the neck and head warm
  • Fashionable front buttons for closure
  • Side pockets for essentials and to cover the palms if necessary
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