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Men Mink Fur Coat With Hood in Olive


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When the weather starts to get cold, the idea of putting on a coat can seem daunting. However, there are lots of coats or jackets available that are stylish and comfy. Some coats even offer bonus features like hooded collars and detailing such as fur accents. Here is a look for Men Mink Fur Coat with Hood in Olive from Alen Cooper that might be your choice for this season.

Men Mink Fur Coat with Hood in Olive is an excellent piece of winter wear that keeps you warm and comfortable. This mink fur jacket has premium quality mink fur pelts that keeps you warm on chilled days. There is a zip lock system at the front as closure which makes it easy to put on and off whenever and wherever required.

The  body and hood of this jacket has olive green and brown shades with fade out effect. Brown in some areas is so deep that it seems like black. The olive to brown shades of mink fur with small fleecy portions makes a unique style. The hood is of the same fur, however, there is a border to the hood with original fox fur.

In this jacket, the hood border and the collar are fox fur. The colour of this fox fur collar and hood border is dark brown that contrasts the olive green and matches the dark brown shade. The inner lining of this stylish outfit is silk-satin. This lining makes it easy to breathe and is highly comfortable to wear during winter months.

An in-built leather belt is attached with the loops for fastening.on the two sides of this jacket excluding the back side. The buckle and the loops of this belt are for belt closure, which makes it perfectly insulated from the cold winds. The two side pockets are spacious to keep the palms warm.


  • Original mink fur pelts
  • Olive green to dark brown
  • Premium quality zip-lock system
  • Full sleeves
  • Two side pockets
  • Hooded border fox fur


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