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Men Mink Fur Bomber Jacket



  • Whole-skin mink fur jacket
  • Lightweight and dense
  • Full sleeves
  • Elasticated waist and cuffs increase comfort
  • Premium quality metallic Zipper as front closure
  • Vertical and Parallel format design

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Fundamentals : Natural mink fur has a stellar reputation for its extremely lightweight and complimentarily for appearing as fantastic winter wear. When authenticity is allowed to define fashion and utility, the winter staple proves its ideal label. To emphasize the trendsetting aspect, adequate processing gives all mink outerwear a glossy finish. According to this, the sheen and brilliance of Alen Cooper’s Men Mink Fur Bomber Jacket can be perceived by only a glance.   

Design Approach of the Mink Fur Men Bomber Jacket

To emphasize, the stylish mink fur outerwear reflects exquisitely carved texture in a V-pattern, with fur from Mink Tails. The symmetrical fur scheme is the most extraordinary trait which is skillfully conceptualized to sustain the transiting trends. Therefore, the coat reflects an overall velvety and glossy impression.   Also, a simplistic yet classy stance is given off owing to its minimalistic adornment. 

The front features a neatly tailored zip-up closure with other basic features like the side pockets in a slit trait and a round neck collar. The chic styling of every little detail ensures an ageless aspect. Pockets are placed tilted on the front and the artic fox fur collar is modified to enhance the high-rise regal image. Premium fur assures softness and suppleness throughout the body and collar.

To point out more, long sleeves’ endings boost the snug fit attributable to the stretchy elastic fit along the wrist border and also separately the hemline. Additionally, the features keep the jacket in place and the wearer in plush. Further, the internal lining of pristine satin significantly keeps up with luxury. 

Hallmark of Attractions

Besides the aforementioned qualities, a stunning impression is given off markedly by the amazing shade. The Bomber Jacket in Mink Fur for Men reflects a color palette of pristine blends marked by charming red, contrasting coffee brown, and elegant black. 

Overall, the gorgeous outerwear is a worthwhile investment marking its significance even after years of use.

Features of the Mink Fur Men Bomber Jacket

  • Premium fur from mink tails
  • V-pattern carved fur texture
  • Long sleeves with elastic border
  • Elasticized hemline
  • Slit style tilted front pockets 
  • Zip-up front closure
  • Arctic fox fur fluffy and soft collar
  • The winter wear reflects the fusion of red, brown, and black tones in a flawless pattern
  • Internal Satin lining for rendering silky smoothness




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