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Long silver fox A-line Coat For Women


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Fur coats set a different sophistication in itself. Top-notch outerwear, this long silver fox A-line coat can be worn to different occasions including social gatherings or even parties. They are never out of fashion. The long coat is made from full skin silver fox fur. It is a long trench coat crafted with one of the finest varieties of fox fur in the fashion industry. The long coat has more of an A-line outlook. 

Made up of original quality fox fur pelts, the elegant Long silver fox A-line has an eye-catching look. The cross fox fur long coat has a long guard and silky hair. It has got the fusion of black-white and grey shade all over. The texture of the product is luxuriously soft and supple. The sleeves are long and wide with a zig-zag pattern design format. It looks alluring and stylish. 

The classic long fur trench coat is well highlighted with a fold-down collar and wide lapels. The concept of parallel design is a cherry on top of the cake. The additional extra glamor is the full-wide sleeves. They are wide enough to give you ample comfort and warmth. 

The silver fox fur long coat has side waist pockets on each side. The hand-warming pockets will keep you warm and cozy when you are outdoors. The authentic fox fur trench coat has a hidden clip with a lock system placed at the center. It acts as the closure for the coat. The inner lining of the trench coat is completely satin-finished. It is made of top-notch quality. Being the inner part, the satin finish is extremely soft and comfortable. 

The fur long coat has more of a glamorous personality with concealed side pockets and long hair fur pelts. It is a must-have to your wardrobe collection. The presence of natural shade of the fur with slim-cut design is impeccable. The full-skin fox fur trench coat is fluffy and ideal for a high fashion statement. 

    Detailing of the product – 

  • Made from authentic full skin silver fox fur
  • The inside of the garment is made with top-notch satin-finished lining
  • Side pockets on each side are hand-warming and spacious
  • Luxuriously soft and supple in texture
  • Slim-Cut Design
  • Can be worn to social gatherings or parties
  • Ensures value for money
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