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Long Sheepskin Coat for Men with Wool Trim Accents



  • Finishing – Suede
  • Wool – Authentic Sheepskin Pelts
  • Embellishment – Wool Trim
  • Modified Front line, Hemline, Cuffs, Patch Pockets
  • Single Breast Button Down Front Closure
  • Turn-down Collar, Notch Lapels
  • Knee-length
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Water Repellent
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Festive


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ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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Acquire Alen Cooper’s sheepskin and shearling garments to make the boldest possible statement. When the most diverse designs roll the dice, a significant spin is pops the current trend. Presenting the Long Sheepskin Coat for Men, a variation on the aforementioned design that puts a modern touch on current trends. 

About the Long Sheepskin Coat

It has a semi-gloss image and portrays a suede finish.  Additionally, the original sheepskin pelts throws off utter softness and suppleness. Furthermore, warmth and insulation are also at par. Likewise, when it is about warding the cold, what stands next to be highlighted is its length. To point out, knee-length style enhances to boost the warding capacity as well as promotes fashion sense.

Added extras of the Long Coat in Sheepskin

To begin with, basic features such as front closure, pockets, sleeves, and body exude grandeur stemming from its simple pattern. The front marks glamour, attributable to the accessorized front line, hemline and patch pockets by trimmed wool. Flair is also added by separate wool detailing along the chest, waistline and cuffs. 

Even more to the glitz goes the inclusion of its single breast button down front closure. Elite buttons with proper plackets exude style and overall outline a neat yet elegant appearance.  Lastly, the collar in a contrasting jet black shade adds more to the capacity. To rephrase, erect roll down collar supported by broad notch lapels sets the charm. 

Ending Clause

To sum up, the Long Sheepskin Coat for Men epitomizes the ideal winter coat, offering the utmost in luxury and warmth while also lending an effortless dressing option. Considering its high shielding power, it is noticeably light, which gives extreme comfort.  Its overall elegance is shaped by the dual contrasting black shades that sets apart the legend.

Features of the Sheepskin Long Coat

  • Knee-length men’s coat
  • Suede finished tanned hide with real sheepskin pelts
  • Wool trim front line, hemline and wrist border
  • Patch Pockets with trimmed wool detailing 
  • Single breast front with button-down closure
  • Turn-down collar with notch lapels
  • Waist line and Chest accessorized with wool detailing
  • Overall available with a smart fit with embraced flexibility



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