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Kids’ Light Brown Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with Hood


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This season, Alen Cooper brings you an alluring blend of comfort and style in the form of the tastefully crafted Light Brown Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with a Hood for Kids. This jacket with a regal hood will keep the child warm and elegant throughout the cold winter festivities. It is thoughtfully handcrafted with style and comfort in mind.

This gorgeous jacket is crafted of pure rabbit fur plates that have been dyed light brown. This attire is always in style and contemporary, and the beautiful color will just add to the magic. The hemline and long sleeves of the garment feature a bomber jacket finish. The Detachable hood, made of the finest light brown rabbit fur, is one of the appearance’s features and is sure to turn heads. The short, waist-length jacket is a snug fit.

The thick fluffy fur on the exterior provides visual appeal. The inner lining is constructed of high-quality silk satin, which enhances comfort. The jacket’s great fit provides excellent protection against cold weather. Superior, chrome-finished zippers strategically placed on the front-open jacket give excellent insulation along with the tight waistline and cuffs. Because of the soft and supple clothing, even rapid movement is a breeze. The two side slash pockets blend comfort and style, and they can be used to protect exposed hands from cold weather or to store personal things.

This soft, pliable Light Brown Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket with a Hood for Kids is available in a number of sizes to fit children of all heights and body types. It is lightweight and portable. The immaculate craftsmanship can be seen across the entire collection. Because of the extraordinary care used in product design, it is sturdy and has a long lifespan, making it a wise investment.

Physical Features: 

  • Genuine Rabbit Fur Coat
  • Light brown-hued fur
  • Satin-lined interior
  • Massive Detachable Hood in fur
  • Perfect fusion of fashion and practicality
  • Premium quality metallic zipper as front closure
  • 2 side slash pockets
  • Extremely comfortable and ultra-warm
  • Perfectly fitted
  • Extremely durable
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