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Innovatively Designed Russian Sable Fur Long Coat for Women Highlights Italian Craftsmanship


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Russian sable fur is very delicate compared to its Canadian counterpart. Moreover it is also much softer, suppler and more lightweight. It is the choicest item in the global fashion industry and is also one of the most expensive under the category.

Fresh innovative designs and creativity when applied to exceptionally delicate Russian sable fur and perfected by famed Italian craftsmanship – the result is bound to be awesome. This is the heart of the matter regarding the range of long coats for women that is going to be discussed here. The product line is carefully conceptualized considering the needs and challenges of modern women in this busy and hectic world.

Unlike the other competitors, this sophisticated version of the product is a fine example of elegant style fused with practical functionality to thoroughly refurbish both the aura and appearance of divas. In fact it is crafted for bold and stylish women; others may find it too hot to handle! Original plates of Russian sable fur are shipped from Europe to create the product line. A group of highly trained and competent designers along the Mediterranean coastline in Italy shouldered the entire responsibility of cutting and stitching with towering care, caution, diligence and precision.

As a result the fur coats reflect an absolutely flawless finishing. Unparalleled charm and sophistication that the item radiates ensure it belongs to a completely different class altogether. The assortment of products rightly summons everyone’s attention on you to unfailingly make you the centre of attention in any crowd. The pair of hand-warmer pockets on two sides allows keep your palms warm in very low temperature conditions outdoors. Stand sub collar and medium length sleeves are the cutting-edge design elements that attract attention. Last but nevertheless the least, the cutting and stitching of the product line is done smartly to underline your feminine curves and assets in a tasteful and refined manner. In short no stone has been left unturned to ensure you stand out distinctly among any crowd in this dress radiating unparalleled elegance.

Perfect size is guaranteed for everyone without considering height or figure. The item readily comes in a wide variation of size. You can easily wear it as a proper dress.

Alen Cooper is just left with limited stocks as orders are flowing in from all sides. Hurry up and place your order now before they declare going out of stock!

  • Authentic plates of Russian sable fur used in crafting the range of item
  • Exceptionally delicate and costly fur is imported all the way from Europe
  • Exclusively soft, supple, warm, lightweight and comfortable
  • Unbeatable Italian craftsmanship
  • The product line completely crafted by hands
  • Highly trained and skilled Italian designers based along the Mediterranean coastline performed the cutting and stitching of the item range manually
  • The item crafted with unparalleled care and precision
  • Medium length sleeves
  • Stand sub collar
  • Hand warmer pockets on both sides
  • Radiates unparalleled style and elegance to belong to a class of its own
  • Ideally designed to help you standout elegantly in any crowd
  • Perfectly suits exceptionally low temperature conditions outdoors
  • Exhibits your fine taste and delicate choice in fashion
  • Perfectly impeccable finishing
  • Smartly cut and stitched to silently highlight your rich feminine features in a tasteful and elegant way
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