Hare Fur Men Bomber Jacket with a Comfy Snug Fit


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Product Features

  • Fur – Authentic Hare Fur 
  • Texture – Single Section-lining
  • Internal Lining – Satin
  • Turn-down Collar
  • Zip-up Front 
  • Slit Pockets
  • Modified Wrist and Hemline
  • Waist-length
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-Formal, Regular, Occasional

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This is a Special/Customized Order. 

DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 

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This trendsetting hare fur men bomber jacket can elevate one’s appearance in an instant. As can be seen, it features the original hare fur’s shade and looks elegant with a fusion of different grey tones. Also, accents of white highlight its different parts. This unique combination undoubtedly elevates this jacket’s aesthetics.

Furthermore, the original pelts of hare fur cause no discomfort. Therefore, one can comfortably carry this lightweight winter wear for hours. Besides, in concern to function and fashion, it is suitable for both day and night. For men who want to stay warm in style this winter, it undeniably serves as the best companion. 

Highlights of the Hare Fur Bomber Jacket for Men

To begin with, the little details happen to appear simplistic yet utmost classic. For instance, the premium zipper adds a different statement besides aiding the front closing. Also, it ensures a smooth running quality. Further, the collar of hare fur creates a warm wrap around the neck offering complete protection from the cold. Although, the fluffy collar promotes the appeal.

Besides, the zip-out closure ensures a snug fit and creates an effective barrier against the cold wind. The elasticized hemline and wrist line significantly improves functionality. What stands to be markedly opulent is the internal satin lining and hence accounts to render uttermost luxury.

Additional Features of Men Hare Fur Bomber Jacket

This chic outerwear looks equally befitting for all types of events – formal, social, or casual. Hare fur is soft to the touch. The natural colors and single-section lining texture give this jacket a refined and modish look. It has slit pockets on both sides. They can be used to carry the essentials as well as to protect the hands from the cold. 

Physical Description of Men Bomber of Hare Fur:
  • Hare-fur bomber jacket with single section-line texture
  • Long sleeves with elasticized wrist-line
  • Elasticized waistline for a snug fit and additional protection from wind
  • Zip-out closure in the front
  • Slit pockets on both sides 
  • Broad turned down collar to protect the neck from cold air
  • Internal Satin Lining


Authentic and Appealing Fur Jacket
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