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Fox Fur Men Jacket in Snuggly Bomber Style


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  • Genuine plates of Arctic fox fur are used in designing the product line
  • Designing of the elegant fur jacket involves towering levels of creativity and innovation
  • The item range is thoroughly crafted by hands
  • As such it is one of the latest examples of fine Italian craftsmanship
  • The jacket radiates unparalleled elegance and style
  • It rightly belongs to a totally different class altogether
  • By virtue of its innovative designing you can easily wear the fur clothing as a proper dress

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Introducing the enticing Fox Fur Men Jacket, one of Alen Cooper’s true bomber outerwear that makes an unparalleled statement. It equally matches fashion and function, while also pulling on the comfort level. It is an exquisite piece of winterwear through which one can stay toasty in style. 

About the Fur

The Fox Fur Jacket for Men holds authentic fur which is soft, owing to which one experiences sumptuousness while the jacket also gains a compact weight label. Full skin pelts of Grey Fox Fur throughout the body and long sleeves are as alluring as luxurious. To point out, the natural shade of fox fur holding the parallel blends of grey and fawn itself adds to the beauty. Not only that, even the collar reflects a similar pattern. 

Other Features of the Men Jacket in Fox Fur 

The classic bomber silhouette is given a glamorous update in addition to sophisticated features. For instance, a furry collar reflects a regular turn-down style, side pockets show a slit opening and front closure is aided by a centrally placed zip-up line. This full front zipper makes it a prompt dressing.

Additionally, the elasticized hemline and wrist lend a snug fit to the wearer by maintaining a warm envelope. Also, pure satin which completely lines the interior, significantly contributes to preserving the same. Besides, it renders silky smoothness and thus upgrades plush.

Lastly, a commitment to ethical fur production and responsible sourcing yields this fur item to be produced with the utmost levels of sustainability and animal welfare.

Ending Clause

In short, this Fox Fur Men Jacket is the most stylish addition to one’s winter collection. Its warmth, style, and fine craftsmanship ensure that it will grow into a timeless item that the wearer will treasure for many years to come. 

Thus, experience the height of elegance and opulence by wearing this amazing bomber with an underlying winter ensemble!

Physical Features of the Men Jacket in Fox Fur

  • Waist-length bomber jacket in full skin pelts of grey fox fur 
  • Furry turn-down collar to offer additional protection
  • Central zip-up front with side slit pockets for promoting snugness
  • Stretchable hemline and wrist
  • Full stretch of satin lining on the interior


  • Fur – Authentic Grey Fox Fur 
  • Internal lining – Premium Satin
  • Fur Texture – Uniform
  • Regular Turn-Down Furry Collar
  • Long Baggy Sleeves, Elasticized Wrist, Hemline
  • Centrally Aligned Zipper Closing
  • Slit Pockets on Sides at Hip-Level
  • Comfy Fit
  • Waist-length Bomber Jacket
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Semi-formal, Festive
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