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Exotic Range Of Cropped Russian Sable Fur Jacket for Modern And Stylish Women



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Sable fur is renowned for its soft and supple texture as it is one of costliest furs in the world. Compared to the Canadian variety, Russian sable fur is more superior and delicate. Cropped Russian sable fur offers  excellent warmth and insulation against exceptionally cold climatic conditions.

This stylish fur coat is designed from original plates of cropped Russian sable fur. The imported fur is sourced from Europe and is unbelievably soft and lightweight. The plush and elegant dress radiates a unique style and charm to belong to a different class altogether. It seems to have been designed to summon everybody’s attention on you and make you the center of attraction in any crowd.

The coat is completely stitched by hands. A group of highly skilled and competent Italian craftsmen have designed the product line along the Mediterranean coastline with utmost care, precision and diligence.  High levels of innovation and creativity that went into making the item range make the dress ideal for the modern women of the millennia. The dress reflects an absolutely flawless finishing thanks to Italian craftsmanship.

To keep your palms warm in very low temperature conditions outdoors the coat has hand warmer pockets on two sides. Stand sub collar with medium length sleeves make it more stylish and charming. The product line is smartly cut and stitched to underline your rich feminine features in a subtle and refined way.

Limited stocks at Alen Cooper are literally flying off the shelves. Hurry up and place your order now before the last cropped Russian sable fur gets sold out!

Authentic plates of Russian sable fur used in making
Imported variety fur is sourced from Europe
Authentic Italian craftsmanship
Completely stitched by hands
Very soft, warm, comfortable and lightweight
Ideal for exceptionally low temperature conditions outdoors
Highly trained and competent Italian designers crafted the product line along the Mediterranean coast with unparalleled care and precision
Absolutely flawless finishing
Radiates unparalleled style and elegance
Hand warmer pockets on both sides
Stand sub collar
Medium length sleeves
Smartly cut and stitched to, subtly but surely, underline your rich feminine features in a refined and tasteful way

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