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Coat in Fox Fur for Womens to Stay Toasty in Style


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Seize the chance to look ultra-gorgeous this winter while staying the most luxurious! Grab the iconic slot while looking sublimely beautiful! Alen Cooper’s Coat in Fox Fur for Womens is an exquisite piece of winter wear made to be a standard for current fashion trends. Its unique design concept also gives it an edge to endure even as trends come and go.   

Basic Detailing of the Womens Fox Fur Coat

Getting a quick glimpse of the outerwear – the coat appears in mid-length with a baggy fit. A comfy fitting wear is what is needed when a long outing is thought off. Therefore, both these attributes render the wearer flexibility in mobility as well as encourage a chilly day out. Besides, authentic fur nevertheless stays any less in fending the cold. Thus, its premium silver fox fur which also holds an array of dense down is utterly protective.  

However, the Womens Fox Fur Coat also contains an inner lining of smooth satin which shows off its silky texture and contributes to imparting opulence. Hence, this furry coat is not only effective in shielding the cold but also is luxurious and elegant. More to the appeal is added by its short shawl style collar and hood, with the hood being fixed. 

Additionally, basic features like pockets and closures are well-placed. Pockets being in slit style for easy access and zipper for closing the front ensure a smooth run. Lastly, the fur texture being homogenous reflects the original sheen of silver fox fur and emanates the unrivaled parallel pattern of silver, grey, and black.

Features of the Fox Fur Womens Coat

  • Mid-length women’s Coat 
  • Premium finished Silver Fox Fur and dense down
  • Slit-style front pockets add to the beauty
  • Zip-up concealed front closure
  • Overall comfortable baggy fit
  • Shawl Collar with Fixed Hood
  • Internal silky smooth satin lining
  • Compact in weight and immensely luxurious


  • Fur – Authentic Silver Fox Fur, Dense Down 
  • Internal lining – Premium Satin
  • Fur Texture – Uniform
  • Shawl Style Collar 
  • Fixed Hood
  • Uniform Hemline
  • Long Baggy Sleeves, Comfy Baggy Fit Body
  • Zip-up Front Closure 
  • Mid-length Coat
  • Slit Pockets
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Festive
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