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Black Shearling Jacket with Premium Crystal Fox Fur and Hood


Original price was: $3,100.00.Current price is: $1,495.00.

Product Features

  • Original pelts of shearling used in designing the item range
  • True Italian craftsmanship
  • The product line is completely crafted by hands
  • Very warm and comfortable even in extreme low temperature conditions
  • Soft and supple in texture
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to carry

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This black shearling hood jacket truly stands out because of its bold aesthetic features. The rich black shade of the sheepskin certainly creates a striking contrast against the tan shearling wool inside. Shearling wool trims prettify this outfit by embellishing the sleeves and highlighting the border of patch pockets. Trimmed shearling wool also accentuates the cuffs and hemline of this outfit.

Shearling Hood Jacket in Black with Praiseworthy Features

The functional features of this classy outfit are as glorifying as its aesthetic features. Sheepskin is an exceptionally breathable fabric. Owing to this feature, this jacket never causes overheating or excessive sweating. There’s no doubt that it can keep one comfortable throughout the day. The woolen interior as well as the soft texture of the sheepskin certainly adds to this pleasant feeling.

Shearling wool is known for natural insulation which makes this fashionable outfit befitting for the winter season. With a detachable and a fixed hood, this outfit offers exceptional protection from the cold wind. Without a doubt, it can keep one warm even on the windy days of winter season.

The patch pockets accentuated by the shearling wool certainly add to this jacket’s aesthetic appeal. At the same time, one may use them to carry essentials and to cover the palms from the chilly wind. Because of the centrally located user-friendly metal zipper, one can close the jacket whenever necessary.

Shearling black jacket with hood for a Stylish Presence

This modish outfit is suitable for any type of casual outdoor activities. However, one may even wear them to the semi-formal occasions if paired with the right clothing. It certainly pairs nicely with denim pants because of its bold looks. One may even pair it with formal or semi-formal trousers.

Key Components

  • Trendy shearling jacket with one fixed and one detachable hood
  • Lovely fur of crystal fox highlight the border of both hoods
  • Trims of shearling wool accentuate the sleeves, patch pockets, hemline and cuffs
  • Centrally located metal zipper with chrome finish
  • Buckled leather straps at the collar and cuffs to adjust the fitting
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