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Black Biker Leather Jacket with Raccoon Fur – Smart Looks with Maximum Warmth


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Product Features

  • The product range is innovatively designed to fuse authentic fur with leather
  • Authentic plates of the premium range Italian-finish leather are used in crafting the stylish winter garment
  • The leather jacket is unbelievably soft and supple in texture
    It is also pretty lightweight
  • The leather jacket has a striking collar and handcuffs both made of genuine Finn raccoon fur pelts
  • Both the collar and handcuffs are easily removable

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A luxurious black biker leather jacket with raccoon fur accentuation will be an outstanding addition to one’s wardrobe. This posh outfit is designed to turn any man into a style icon with its amazing aesthetic features. Furthermore, the fusion of lambskin leather and raccoon fur offers absolute protection from the chills in the air. It has two options for fastening – a metal zipper and metal buttons. It’s also designed with ribbed leather quilting on various parts and zippered side pockets.

Premium Features of Black Leather Biker Jacket with Raccoon Fur Attachments

This biker jacket showcases a perfect harmony between aesthetic and utilitarian features. It’s handcrafted with a shawl-style lapel and hood of raccoon fur. This is certainly a glamorizing as well as a useful feature. The golden brown color of the fur with black tinges look amazing in contrast to the black leather. Also, the broad lapel brings warmth to the neck, shoulders and front part of one’s body.

This biker jacket is also designed with a hood of raccoon fur. Therefore, it can keep one warm even on the coldest and windiest days of winter. The cuffs are accentuated by trims of raccoon fur. It certainly offers warmth and glamorizes the appearance. The metal zipper near the cuffs is another convenient feature for the wearer.

This trendy jacket showcase ribbed leather details on the upper and lower parts of the sleeve as well as on the upper and lower back regions. The ribbed quilting offers additional comfort and protection from outdoor elements because of the thickness. This winter-outfit is designed with an asymmetrically set metal zipper with chrome finish for durability. The front part is also decked with metal buttons in two columns.

Key Components:

  • Deluxe biker jacket feels markedly comfortable to wear due to softness and breathability of premium lambskin leather
  • Velvety texture of satin lining heightens one’s comfort
  • Detachable shaw-style lapel and hood of raccoon fur for ultimate warmth in colder months
  • Ribbed leather quilting on the sleeves and at the back for protection from elements and comfort
  • Zippered side pockets enables safe carriage of personal items
  • Zippered cuffs are accentuated by trims of raccoon fur for comfort and style
  • Buckled leather straps on both sides near the waist to adjust the jacket’s fit if necessary
  • Designed with a metal zipper as well as metal buttons for closure
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