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Mens Dark Brown Fox Fur Coat to Make a Grand Entrance Anytime Anywhere


Original price was: $8,500.00.Current price is: $4,250.00.

Product Features

  • Genuine plates of Arctic fox fur are used in designing the product line
  • Designing of the elegant fur jacket involves towering levels of creativity and innovation
  • The item range is thoroughly crafted by hands
  • As such it is one of the latest examples of fine Italian craftsmanship
  • The jacket radiates unparalleled elegance and style
  • It rightly belongs to a totally different class altogether
  • By virtue of its innovative designing you can easily wear the fur clothing as a proper dress

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With magnificent aesthetic features, this modish mens dark brown fox fur coat will certainly be a versatile outfit for the winter. It befits the grandeur of parties owing to its spectacular looks. At the same time, it makes one look elegant at a formal event. This lightweight coat also becomes the right companion for casual outings. It will always garner the attention of onlookers owing to its elegance.

Impressive Qualities of Mens Fox Fur Dark Brown Coat

Alongside making a man look dapper, this winter outfit of genuine fox fur can keep a man warm with long guard-hair and dense undercoat. On one hand, the guard-hair puts up a strong barrier against the cold wind. It also makes this outfit look voluminous. On the other hand, the dense undercoat doesn’t let the body-heat escape and keeps one comfortable for hours with a cushy feel.

The smooth texture of the fur along with the dark brown shade certainly gives a lustrous look to this coat. It’s fitted with a hook-and-eye fastener which is easy to operate and offers complete protection in winter. The notched lapel of authentic fox fur keeps the neck as well as the front part of the body warm. The thick and wide collar covers the entire neck starting from the back to the front.

Mens Dark Brown Coat of Fox Fur – Comfort Combined with Splendor

The soft satin lining makes it markedly pleasant to wear this coat. It offers additional comfort with silky texture. The sleeves are long enough to cover the hands along with the palms. The slit-style side pockets are certainly useful for carrying numerous essentials. They can also keep the palms warm.

Key Components

  • Posh coat of Iceland fox fur looks impressive in dark brown shade
  • Long sleeves and notched lapel of fox fur ensures all-round protection in winter
  • Breathable fox fur keeps one equally comfortable at freezing and moderately cold temperatures
  • Satin lining offers a pleasant feel with velvety texture
  • Slit-style side pockets for personal items and to keep the palms warm
  • Hook-and-eye closure in the front


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