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Hey folks, what’s up and how you all are greeting winter?

Are you prepared for winter? For enjoyments? And fun?

Yes? Yes!

Alen Cooper is also excited about winter and winter style statement for men and women!

You just plan your winter events and parties. We will plan your best winter outerwear to steal the limelight. This winter, Alen Cooper is ready here with its series of exciting real warm parkas for both men and women.

We do not offer the same parkas again and again. Every year we come with some uniqueness. This year, we are offering super stylish parka with fur lining.

What are specialties of our new parka?

Our new parka series is enriched with some decent qualities. Let’s explore those in the below-

  1. Standard length- we maintain a standard length when we craft parka. It is neither too long nor too short. You can wear it too cold winter days with standard warmth and full-on style. It will cover up to your knee and keep you warm.
  2. Comfortable shell- The shells are of nylon, polyester and other quality water and windproof materials. We always offer quality outer shell so that the wearer can enjoy adding breathability and comfort all the time.
  3. Real fur inner lining- It is one of the main sparks of this parka series. Alen Cooper offers detachable real fur inner lining. Sometimes we offer fox fur and raccoon fur detachable inner lining so that the wearer can enjoy supreme warmth and smoothness. Generally, fur linings are detachable and easy to clean.
  4. Fur lined hood- We do not want your face to bear frostbite. And that’s why we have arranged a fur-lined hood for the parkas. Our customized real fur hood can disrupt airflow and create turbulent in order to protect your face from the frostbite.
  5. Long fur frontline- we do not prefer to adjust with the same style for years. This winter, we are offering sturdy and stylish parka with a long fur frontline so that you can enjoy uniqueness along with adding warmth. The heavenly smoothness and supreme warmth of real fur are assured with our new parka series.
  6. Easy to maintain- we know that just after selling the product, our responsibilities do not end. We always offer a proper product guide so that you can best maintain and enjoy the product for years. Availing parkas is no doubt an expensive investment. And that’s why we ensure you can enjoy the product at the best level and you feel satisfied. Maintaining these parkas with fur is easy- you can remove the real fur lining and hood and wash the polyester or nylon shell. In order to clean the fur parts after several years of usages, you can take professionals’ help yet it will not cost high.

You will get heaven of collections here at Alen Cooper with all the mentioned specialties. All you need to do is explore the collection and select the best ones according to your choice, adding to cart and make a purchase. Already, a lot of people have been enjoying our solid fur parkas and hope you will be our next happy customer.

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Have a happy day ahead!

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