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Maybe your perfect prom dress search has been over and presently you are in need of the perfect shoe pair for that very day. Your entire appearance needs to be jaw-dropping and you are thinking of the same since the middle school days. If you are searching for the perfect prom shoes, you should keep your dress type, design, color, and length in concern. If you shop offline, try to take a picture of your dress with you and it will help you to pick the best pair from the store. For online shopping, you can do the same. Apart from these, Alen Cooper can offer you three effective tips which will help you to pick the best pair easily. let’s start-

Glam or sophisticated?

Before picking shoe pair, make sure exactly what your dress looks like- is it look super glitz and glam or simple yet elegant? It is a great factor that you need to consider before picking the shoes for almost all kinds of parties and gatherings. If your dress is glitz and glam in look, you can go for the comparatively less elaborated shoe pair; the shoe can have a strap for closure and fit near the ankle area. If your dress is simple yet elegant, you can add some glamour to your feet by choosing fully dazzled pump or the shoes which are super strappy and shiny. Here you will enjoy the same sophisticated look just with an adding dash of flash. If you consider your dress sits between the glam and simple tag, you can pay attention to the color of the shoes as it can act as the ultimate game changer otherwise it may shatter the entire deal!

Choose the right color

It is the second important fact that you need to consider. Many experts suggest going for a neutral color when it comes to picking the best prom shoes. It helps the dress to get blended with the shoes instead of forced to go together! Along with this, I can say that neutral color go with all kind of dresses. So, you will not feel awkward before entering the prom party about your look. You can walk boldly and enter with a high confidence level. You know that confidence is the best thing which can boost the beauty of a woman. Most common neutral colors are silver, gold, black and beige. To get a bit surer and to match perfectly you can keep a swatch with you whenever you go for online or offline shopping.

Check the size of the heel

After getting a shoe pair which satisfies the above criteria, now it comes to checking its size of the heel. The party will be for a long time and you should not pick anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel serious pain in your legs. If you are choosing high heel, you should keep it in your concern that how much time you will be there and along with this, you have to walk nicely and dance. So, the shoe pair needs to be comfortable for you. You should never entertain any discouragement during shopping. After getting the right dress and shoes, you will accelerate towards jewelry! You are getting steps more closure to a perfect prom night.


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