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The study, classes, exam preparation, presentations, and so many other things are there for you when you are in a high school course. In this much pressure, there is only one Prom night that can make you feel school days are not that much worse! All the high school seniors wait for this event for a long time. Dance, drinks, food, and date- all are there to make the day rather entire course remember-worthy for the lifetime. This day demands to be perfect from all the areas. The venue, lights, arrangements, and even your dress- everything needs to be perfect!

Prom mainly takes place during late winter or spring time. There is cold outside. But cold cannot let you compromise your style this year at all! That’s because Now Alen Cooper is here with its amazing winter collection of fur, leather, and shearling. Now you can create your own style statement without taking anyone’s help.

If you want to add some elegant touch in your presence and dressing style, you should not miss leather, fur or shearling. From the very beginning, these products are accepted as the elegant options for the high-class people of society. In the Victorian era, only the royal people and high-class people of the society were allowed to wear leather and fur products. Fur is in the practice since the Stone Age, its incredible warmth and good insulation power have made it popular in all the eras. Leather jackets were invited into the genre during the Second World War time and the very first style was Bomber. Shearling is also an old player like leather and fur. All these products are really good to beat the cold without losing style value.

We know that with the same and regular style, people get bored. Although there are some traditional designs for which people still get Gaga. We have both- the traditional evergreen styles and unique modern designs. You can dress up yourself according to your choice. But before crafting your own style statement you should keep a fact in your concern and that is with any kind of alternative product, creating the same and desired elegant appeal is never possible. Synthetic alternatives are in the market due to its cheap price. But the increased global warming and environmental pollution are stopping people from buying these products. These are also harmful to health. By wearing these alternatives for a long time, people feel suffocated and skin rashes, bumps, allergies, itching and redness come for sure. Along with these, they can accompany you just for one to two years. Real products seem apparently expensive but offer benefits for quite a long time, even for decades if you care properly.

Now we should come to the designs and models, we presently have to make your prom celebration more exciting.

If you are a real leather lover, we have numbers of choices for you. You can try our double-breasted leather jackets, small collar jackets, best prom blazers, moto jackets, and other mid-length jackets. If you want to add some sparks in these jackets, we can offer you real leather jackets raccoon fur collar (short and long) jackets.

If fur is the first priority, we have the rabbit, chinchilla, raccoon, and mink fur items for you. We have Eskimo styled highly stylish coats with various color options, vests, and over-sized coats. These are lightweight, easy to carry and instantly make you look classy.

Shearling is another great choice for prom night celebration. Cow-boy style to oversized shawl collar shearling coats- we have everything for you. Our latest collection will impress you and we can claim that!

In case if you have some unique design in your mind, you should not hesitate to share us. We offer customization service too. We have teams of expert designers and manufacturers. They will listen to your criteria and craft accordingly. But for that purpose, you have to give us some time (two to three weeks). Now we offer one-day shipment so that our customers can get the best service from us. So, you can expect your prom outerwear just within one to two days.

We have an easy return policy too! If you don’t like the ordered item or find some fitting problem, you can return that to us and order another one. You can visit us offline too to enjoy the free trails. So, don’t wait, come to us, explore and pick the best one and make your prom night more special!


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