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There are very few garments which can offer the same level of comfort and versatility as a real leather jacket. You know that real leather jacket has come into the genre more than a century ago. From the very first period, these jackets have won the heart of many people and still today these jackets are the trendiest options available in the market. But there are some misconceptions in mind and it is the time to clear all the myths and know the true facts with Alen Cooper.

Alen Cooper prefers to share all the important facts about real leather. So that people can know well and shop smartly. So, let’s discuss the common myths and the real facts in the below section-

1.) You cannot repair the leather jackets

There are a lot of people who still believe that an amateur cannot repair the leather jackets. But that is not true. There are varieties of leather outerwear repair kits available in the market. You can use those kits to solve small to medium problems. But for big problems, you should contact a professional leather repairer or manufacturer. Generally, they have expertise in this area and they can offer the best solution. Alen Cooper also offers leather re-generation, customization, and repairing so that our customers can enjoy the products

2.) Real leather is too much hot in summer              

You know that real leather has breathable properties and that’s why it is able to change the temperature according to the weather. Even you can try a leather jacket in summer and it won’t make you feel suffocated at all. But if you are planning to buy a summer leather jacket, you should go with a cotton lining. Cotton lining is good to keep the wearer cool where the satin lining is there to offer you extra warmth and comfort in the too cold winter  days.

3.) You cannot clean leather

A lot of people say that they cannot clean their leather jacket as the process leads towards discoloration and damage of the outerwear. If you follow the right and safe process there is no chance of damage and discoloration. There are a lot of leather cleaning products are available both online and offline. It will be best if you consult with a professional cleaner. Actually,  using the right amount of products and recognizing the areas to pour attention are the tasks of a professional and they can do these better with their experience and experience.

4.) Not that much durable

You may have heard that real leather with proper maintenance can accompany a wearer for really a long period. Even nowadays, a lot of young men and women are restyling their grandparents’ leather outerwear and enjoying them in a new way. It has been noticed that often people compare leather with modern fabrics yet it can be said that real leather is there to accompany you for decades if you maintain well.

Leather jackets are versatile in nature; you can wear at any time of the year. Generally, the main difference between summer and winter jackets are weight and style. Leather biker jackets are accepted in all the seasons as you need protection whenever you ride a motorcycle.

So, after clearing all the common myths, it is the best time to shop exciting jackets at the right price. In order to get trendy leather jackets for women and men, you can directly visit us. Now we are both online and offline. You can visit us at Green Acres Mall or you can browse our website to explore the collection. You can subscribe to us to get all the discount and new arrival updates at the right time.

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