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People with great choice always admire the aristocracy of real leather. Since the Second World War time, real leather is in practice greatly. All the countries especially where winter is too cold there people are just in love with leather. It offers the required warmth and comfort. It has been noticed that day by day, the need for leather jackets coats is getting high. And you know that when stuff becomes popular, how much myths started to spread among people. Sometimes, business competitors or people with less knowledge do such. It is not appreciated at all!


Today, Alen Cooper will discuss the top 5 myths which are running today even on the internet. But as we have always said that we prefer to keep our customers and visitors well-informed with the right information, so, now it’s our duty to break the myths here. Let’s start-


More expensive item is more durable


You will notice that a lot of people are saying that expensive jackets are always more durable than other options. But do you know actually what makes a jacket expensive? Leather types, tanning, procedure, and designing are the most common tasks that a manufacturer does. And all these have a balanced expense. Apart from these, there is one thing that can nearly double the price than the actual price and that is the middle man. You will notice that many brands are charging a high price because they distribute their products among agents and middleman. And you get products from those agents and middleman.


There is good news too! There are a lot of good leather destinations too! From there you will get jackets and coats direct from the manufacturing house without visiting any middleman or agent. We are not bragging but for your information, we want to mention that we have our own manufacturing setting and direct from there we bring product at our stores (no middleman-no agent)! And that’s why we are able to offer you high-quality men’s coats and jackets within a reasonable range.

Easy Tumbledown


Many of us have the misconception and that is leather can get easily scratched as it is fragile. It is a myth, neither it is fragile nor easily gets scratched. You may face these scratches and fragileness with other fabrics but leather is very much stretchy in nature and always bounces back. It is popular for its durability and strength for centuries.


You can use a real leather jacket for a lifetime without compromising the jacket quality and charm. There are a lot of people who have been still using their grandparents’ coats and jackets just with some restyling.


Hard to clean


Real leather is not hard to clean at all rather it is way easier to clean. But you are not suggested to use any detergent on the leather surface. All you can do is just take a cotton cloth piece, wet it in lukewarm water and then gently rub over the jacket and wipe off the dirt and dust. After returning from outside, you should always shake off the jacket or coat well to remove snow, water, and dirt. After that, you should hang the outerwear for at least twenty minutes. In order o remove greasiness caused by oil, you can use baking soda or talcum powder.


Keep leather away from water


It is another most common myth.  Actually, real leather has water absorbing power. Along with this, the hydration of leather is really required to keep the leather well for a long time. Minimal contact with water is required. If your leather jacket gets too wet, you can use a dry cotton cloth to dry it. You know that is a natural material and that’s why it does not face any negative impact from water.


Color fades away


We all need proper care to shine. And proper care also ensures leather shine for a long time. It is a strong material and processed in a unique way so that its color cannot get faded away. You can wear a designer coat for men anywhere though its shine will not be compromised. But you need to make sure that after a time of use, you are enabling proper care and conditioner. Real leather can survive for years yet it will look like a new product.


You should always store leather jackets or coats away from excessive sunlight otherwise, heat will dry the leather and small cracks will be visible.


These are the top 5 myths we were carrying with us for years. Now, Alen Cooper has revealed the truth. As we have promised to keep our customers and visitors well informed always, it is our duty to share all the truths and clear the traditional misconceptions. So, keep these facts n your concern before availing women’s and men’s luxury designer coats and jackets.


Hope you have found this blog helpful!



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