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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. – Warren Buffet


We purchase stuff on a regular basis, it can be grocery item or study material. We need to spend money on a regular basis. When we spend money and avail an item and that item offers us all the possible benefits, we feel satisfied. It is the ultimate value of that purchased item. But the scenario gets worst when we buy stuff instead of our hard earned money and the benefits we deserve to get are missing. The money, time, effort- all go in vain! No matter what the item is, it needs to have the promised value i.e. promised benefits.


This kind of frustrating situation takes place when the retailer is not transparent in his or her business making or when the buyer is not that much smart to evaluate the needs. Today, Alen Cooper will share some tips through which you can easily be a smart leather outerwear buyer and recognize the genuine retailer of the city. So, let’s start-


Select the type


Yes, there are various kinds of real leather jacket available in the market, some with traditional vibes and some with super modern sensation. What you exactly need, you have to decide before getting inside the store. You should do a little research and ask for referrals to your friends who have a high sense in fashion and trends. If you buy online, you can visit lots of sites for ideas. Or you can simply ping us to know your best style.


Select the color


It is the next important thing that you need to care. There is no boundary at all, you can wear what your heart wants unless the place where you are heading has a particular dress code or theme. Tan, coffee, and black leather jackets are common options and in this journey from long before. The new olive color jackets are high in trend, you can try that with Alen Cooper.


Select the leather type


Yes, here will get variations too! Different quality leather jackets are present in the market. Some are more comfortable, some are less; some are super soft and some are not that much. According to your need and budget, you have to choose the best one. If you are a first-time leather buyer or in need of super soft and comfortable yet reasonable leather outerwear, you should pick sheepskin over other options.


Check its originality


Questions arrive here! Yes, there are a lot of retailers in the market who sell alternative leather products in the name of real leather and it is not a pleasant fact. Faux or any other alternative option is less pricey but not good for health. Alternative options cannot provide you the required warmth and comfort. We have shared how to recognize real leather and differentiate from a fake one. If you have missed that post, see it again just by clicking this link:




It is the most important part as a lot of people do the mistake here. In the popular portals and websites, you will get proper size charts which will help you to get the right one for you. If you are visiting the store you can enjoy the free trials. Yet if you are not sure about the fit, you can ask the helping hands of the store or ping us to know your actual size. This process will help you to get the best one for you.


If you want to go with the customized option, you can directly contact us. All you need to do is just share your actual size chart and we will craft one for you. The manufacturing process may take two to three weeks.


Now it comes to recognizing the reliable retailer. All the retailers cum businessman have their own style of forwarding. But they have some common ways when they are completely reliable and making a fair business.


You should choose a retailer who offers proper labeling with each product. And the label should contain all the required information about the product.
He the retailer should offer an easy return policy. All the genuine retailers who are confident about their services they offer complication-free return benefit for enhanced customer satisfaction.
They will have positive feedbacks on their sites and Google local listing.
A good retailer always guides the customer with the aftercare suggestions. Actually, it declares that the retailer cares for its products and ensures long term benefits.
Their payment method needs to be very easy. Any type of card can be used there.
If you want further details about the product, the retailer will happily share some useful information.

These are the main things that you need to seek in a retailer. If all these sections are matches properly, you can easily forward the purchase process.

Or you can simply visit us at Green Acres Mall. If you want to buy online, you can visit our website. And in a lot of popular shopping portals, our products are available. You can subscribe to us to get informed about new offers and arrivals.

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