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What are the best winter jackets for women? This is a common query these days with huge search volume in Google. Basically it is matter of choice and hence the answer is bound to vary from individual to individual. In my opinion the best jackets, for women as well as men, should have fashionable new look other than offering much warmth and comfort to beat the chill outdoors. Thus my choice for the best winter jackets for women includes fur coats, as well as leather and shearling jackets.

As a fashion designer based in New York, I feel the craze of fur, leather and shearling is never-ending. It can stand the test of time. Let’s start with some of the most trendy and elegant parkas that are designed for women.

Best parka coats this season

Everyone wants to look chic and fashionable and for that matter parkas have no better alternative. These are absolutely a versatile style item that never goes out of fashion. If you’re planning to refurbish your winter wardrobe anytime lately then it’s important to note that parkas are the ‘in’ thing this coming winter.

Parkas spell elegance and class for every woman in this planet irrespective of her age, figure or social status. Moreover this range of stylish winter wear offers much warmth and comfort even in extreme cold climatic conditions.

In the following section of this blog post let us explore few best parkas that are guaranteed to make women appear trendier and more elegant.

Dressing code for ladies with Blue frost fox fur hybrid black parka convertibles for women newBlue frost fox hybrid parka convertible

The item is designed with immense creativity and innovation as if to erase the division between women of the real world and the fairies of imagination. The chic coat reflects a beautiful contrast of white and off-white shades running all over the hood and the frontline. This is one of the most attractive features of the product line that makes the coat look absolutely awesome when worn.

The liner as well as the frontline is detachable. You can slip on the inner vest as a totally independent unit. The shell is made of high-grade nylon and the parka doubles as a reliable raincoat or windcheater.

Graceful but limited version of ladies’ Arctic fox fur hybrid coffee parka convertiblesArctic fox fur hybrid parka convertibles

This item range is designed with great care and precision. Unlike many other varieties this product line smartly underlines the natural curves and assets of a female body in an elegant and tasteful manner. Detachable frontline and the liner allow you wear the inner parka vest a totally independent dressing unit. The shell offers 100% resistance to water or moisture. Thus, the stylish parka also doubles as an extremely chic and trendy raincoat or windcheater to protect you from downpours.

Unlike many other varieties in the market this Arctic fox fur parka convertible allows you custom choose both the color and the quality of the fur for the inner parka vest while placing a purchase order. However the fur along the trim of the frontline and the hood stays static.

Scandinavian silver fox fur hybrid parka convertibles

Scandinavian silver fox fur hybrid green parka convertibles for more graceful womensThis range of hybrid parka convertibles is crafted from authentic plates of Scandinavian silver fox fur. The product line is designed with unparalleled levels of innovation and creativity – as if meant to help divas reinvent both their elegance and style. It radiates a sheer class and is unbelievably eye-catchy. The main essence and beauty of the parka coat is in the frontline as well as the hood.

The trim of the parka hood and the frontline reflects a mind-blowing combination of dark and white patches. These contrasting patches are the beauty of genuine Scandinavian silver fox fur. This premium variety fur is very soft and supple in texture. Moreover the item is renowned for exceptional warmth and comfort in extreme low temperature conditions. It is relevant mentioning that this variety of fur is strictly sourced from Siberia.

Canadian sable fur parka convertibles

Reinvent your charm with womens Canadian sable fur hybrid black parka convertiblesCrafted from genuine plates of Canadian sable fur this parka resonate an undeniable charm and aura. Unlike many other varieties this item is assured to lift your looks, mood and personality to a great extent making you the centre of attraction in any crowd. Thanks to fine Italian craftsmanship, the winter coat is smartly cut and stitched to make those natural feminine curves on your body more prominent but in a descent and tasteful way.

Innovative designing allows you wearing the item as a proper coat. You can also wear it to attend different varieties of social gatherings or parties. The inner shell is made of superior variety nylon that offers 100% resistance to water or moisture. The item thus doubles as an extremely chic and fashionable raincoat or windcheater.

Best leather jackets this season

In the course of exploring the best winter coats for women in New York this season let’s now shift our focus on leather jackets. This range of winter items is extraordinarily chic and trendy; they never go out of fashion. In fact buying a quality jacket that is made of genuine leather is assured to last for years together and is no less a smart investment.

Plush leather jacket with detachable Sable fur hood and collar

Women’s brown leather jacket with fascinating fur collarThis elegant and fascinating version of sable fur detachable jacket is meant to boost the charm and appeal of women. The innovatively designed item range is crafted to help you steal the limelight every time and everywhere. The product line exhibits the magical fineness of genuine Italian craftsmanship.

The rich patches of fur running along the trim of the hood till the base of the frontline give this item a unique sophistication and charm. Designed with towering levels of innovation and creativity the parka convertible radiates unparalleled style and sophistication to belong to a completely different class of its own. The product is decked with chrome-finished zippers, front design snap buttons, piped sleeves, zippered side pockets as well as stylish zippered sleeves to help you cast a powerful magnetic charm.

 Chic biker jackets for bold and stylish women

Stylish and bold women’s coffee Moto jackets with model viewThis is one of the just awesome biker jacket that is on roll. The item is crafted from premiere variety Italian-finish leather and is luxuriously soft and lightweight. The product line is completely crafted by hands. The stylish Moto jacket is one of the latest specimens of fine Italian craftsmanship.

A group of highly skilled and competent designers based in Italy performed the entire cutting and stitching manually. As a result the item reflects absolutely flawless finishing that ensures greater value of your money. The stylish and chic winter wear item is designed with great innovation and creativity to standout from the rest. It is decked with stylish snap buttons, chrome-finished zippers placed slightly on the left, hand-warming zippered side pockets to keep your palms warm and comfortable in extreme cold while you’re outdoors.

This uniquely designed motorcycle jacket has an overall pipe-cut design. It has zippered sleeves and piped sleeves as well to redefine your signature fashion statements.

Plush Biker jacket with fox fur collar

Women’s plush coffee biker leather jacket decked with black fox fur collar With ModelThis plush biker jacket is crafted from Italian-finish leather and is soft and lightweight. The fox fur collar makes the item unbelievably chic and classy. The product line is designed with great innovation and creativity and is the ideal bet for you to steal the limelight every time, everywhere. The jacket has a lot of fresh and innovative designing elements to capture attention instantly.

It has an overall pipe-cut design, piped sleeves, chrome-finished zippers asymmetrically placed slightly on the left, front design snap buttons, zippered sleeves and stylish zippered side pockets to name a few. In addition to that the leather has an aniline finishing with thickness ranging between 0.8 to 0.9 mm.

The completely hand-crafted jacket reflects genuine Italian craftsmanship. It has absolutely flawless finishing and is smartly cut and stitched to highlight the rich feminine curves and assets of your body in an elegant and tasteful way.

Best shearling coats this season

Now let us explore some of the best shearling coats for women this season in the following section. This helps us understand the ongoing trend easily.

Stylish lapel collar double-face shearling winter coat

Women’s stylish lapel collar double face shearling warm winter coat side viewThis chic and fashionable winter coat is crafted from pure shearling pelts. The stylish item is also very soft and supple to touch. The lightweight coat offers considerable warmth and comfort in extreme low temperature conditions. Designed with huge innovation and creativity you can easily wear this as a proper dress.

The item range is completely designed by hands and shows unbelievable efficiency of genuine Italian craftsmanship. The lambskin jacket requires minimal care and maintenance to last for years at a stretch. This plush winter wear radiates unparalleled sophistication and style to belong to a completely separate class of its own.  Unlike the other ranges of the item you can wear this coat to attend different types of social gatherings or events.

Sheepskin coat with raccoon fur collar

Women’s mid-length big raccoon fur collar real sheepskin custom winter jacketThis product line is recently launched and stands distinctly unique from all other varieties in both style and designing. The rich fur collar makes the item more aristocratic and regal than you can imagine. Undoubtedly lots of creativity and innovation have gone into designing this item range. The product line is thoroughly crafted by hands and is a fine specimen of pure Italian craftsmanship.

Unlike the standard versions of shearling coats you can wear this as proper dress. The warm coat offers significant warmth and comfort in extreme cold and is ideal for harsh chilly climates. Crafted with great care and caution, it reflects absolutely flawless finishing that ensures greater value of your money. You can wear it to different types of social gatherings or parties. This is your best bet to look trendier, sexier, more stylish, elegant and tasteful.

Double face shearling mid length coat with belts

Women real warm super stylish double face shearling mid length coat with belts blackThis plush lambskin coat is crafted from genuine pelts imported from Turkey in Europe. Completely hand crafted item is designed with unparalleled creativity and innovation. A group of highly trained and competent Italian designers manually performed the cutting and stitching of the product line with great care, caution, diligence and effort.

The chic warm coat has absolutely flawless finishing. One of the most striking features is the stylish in-built belt that makes the coat unbelievably classy and attractive. Stylish zippered side pockets and chromium-finished zippers ensure the warm lambskin coat stands distinctly apart from its competitors available in the market.

Now that we reach the fag end of this blog post, understanding the upcoming winter wear trends for women in NY is not difficult for you. Do feel at ease to contact me with your valuable opinions and insights.

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