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The leather is a durable material, it still needs some care. Leather jackets are easy to clean and you can get the shiny effect back just after a few scrubs. Even if there is some mud in your jacket though you can clean it easily than any other type of cloth. It can bear thorns and twigs whereas the same can rip other clothes. There are countless benefits that you can enjoy with a real leather jacket. But to ensure that for a long period you need to care the outerwear properly. We all know where to buy the best jackets and coats, how to fix which model with our outfit but most of us still unaware of the right techniques of leather care.

If there is any strong stain on the jacket or you are completely amateur, you should take the help from a professional at the first move than applying your own DIY techniques. Or you can follow our instructions. But there are some general yet effective techniques that all the leather outerwear users are suggested to follow.

Today Alen Cooper will share some leather care tips with you so that you can enjoy our products for a longer time of span-

If your outerwear come in contact with any salt deposit or if there is any stain you should remove that as soon as possible. You can use damp cotton clothes to remove the stain. After that, you can apply a stain protector to save the product from the future water spots and other stains. If you want you can spray odor and colorless aerosol to prevent any kind of damage.
To clear the stains when you are using damp cotton cloth, try to use lukewarm water. All you need to do is just take a cotton piece, dip in into lukewarm water and then rub in on the stain. You need to make it sure that the entire procedure is gentle from start to finish.
After washing the leather jacket or coat, you need to dry it. You can use e damp sponge or simply hang it inside the room, direct sun exposure is not good for leather’s health. You need to strictly avoid blow dryers, heat vents and other heat sources. If you find that your jacket becomes dry or there are some wrinkles on the jacket, you can condition it.

You cannot just fold the jacket and place it inside the closet. If you do, you will ruin the shape of the jacket and there will be a lot of wrinkles on the texture. There are long and padded hangers to hang leather jackets properly. And your closet needs to be spacious so that your outerwear can get enough places to hang properly.
If it is possible you should place the jacket in a breathable bag. Using a plastic bag can damage the quality of the outerwear.
Too much humidity, sunray, or too dry place is not good for leather. Along with these, you should not use any regular household cleanser. You can only use the suggested products by the manufacturer.

Real leather jackets for men and women are e really expensive and true match to create a sensational style statement. You know that real leather products are expensive but their durability satisfy your investment.

These are some basic rules that you need to include in your maintenance regime. If you care properly a jacket from us can accompany you for years (even from generation to the next generation).

Hope you have found this blog helpful!

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