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The leather jackets are timeless products! From the WWII time, these jackets are in the style and will remain forever. Generally, fashion changes always but style does not. And these jackets are a strong style statement and very hard to replace. From the Hollywood divas to military men, everyone prefers to wear leather outerwear during winter. In the countries, where winter is too cold and snowy, there is no better alternative outerwear to beat the cold than a leather jacket or coat.

The very first leather jacket was of bomber style. Mainly the army men, who work inside the war tanks, prefer to wear this bomber jacket. This jacket type is easy to carry and offers sound warmth so that one can easily beat the cold and accelerate the job. After that, so many styles were invented and the fashion world is still evolving- so many new designs yet to come. But there are some distinct styles which are just Kings of all the eras. And all of them say something interesting about the wearer. You know the dressing style, and the manner of communicating say a lot about the person.

A leather jacket is perfect to offer the required oomph to any outfit. But all have their favorite style. Do you like the biker jacket or you just need a long leather coat? Are you interested in bohemian vibe or you want to portray a rebellious rock star look? Let’s get the answer:

Bomber jacket

Vibe- Athletic, sporty

Can be worn with- generally, leather jackets are available in dark colors. And that’s why these look great with pastel colored flowy dresses and peep toes.

Biker jacket

Vibe- Confident, Daring and edgy

Can be worn with- during the bike riding obviously! With the shirt, skirts, thigh-high boots, you can easily wear this one.

Cropped Jacket

Vibe- Bold and fashionable

Can be worn with- with a simple tank top and high-waist pant, this can match perfectly.

Quilted Jacket

Vibe- polished and trendy

Can be worn with- sky-high booties and a structured handbag it will look awesome and will make you more attractive.

Racer jacket

Vibe- Thrill lover

Can be worn with- with a denim booty shorts, lace-up boots, and a ripped tee, this racer jacket can match perfectly.

Studded jacket

Vibe- Rock star or steampunk rebellious

Can be worn with- with a white t-shirt, a white sneaker, this studded jacket will look more attractive. And you should forget your big sunny g’s.


Vibe- bossy

Can be worn with- generally, you can carry this with anything! But it will look unique if you try some metallic hued heels and similar accessories with it.


Vibe- gentle and sophisticated

Can be worn with- with a light-colored sweater, dark pants, and sky-high ankle boots, it will look more pleasing to be the central attention!

These are the most common and most demanded real leather jackets of all the era. The previous section has offered you a detailed look at the types of leather jackets and exactly what they can say about you once you wear them with a specific outfit. In other words, from the classical bomber to the edgy studded leather jacket, you can understand the exact vibe by yourself once you wear it. Or you can simply check out the celebrities who wear these styles and you can craft your own style statement by adorning them the way you dream.


Are you still feeling reluctant about buying a pure leather jacket? Yes, we know that buying a real leather jacket is an expensive investment and that’s why you need to be sure that it will pay off in long run. If you are still skeptical about purchasing leather outerwear then the below reasons are only for you to make you understand why it is a smart investment. So, let’s start-

  1. Evergreen outerwear-Fashion trends come and go. What is ruling today’s trend it is not necessary it will rule after five years. In other words, it is the best and worst thing about fashion. But when it comes to real leather outerwear then this kind of theory just does not work. are dating back the WWI and still, it is in high demand. Some things are so classy that people cannot get bored with them. And leather outerwear is a strong instance of that. Leather outerwear can make your look simple yet elegant and probably that is the best way to rule the present and future trends.
  2. A wide color range-When you think about leather jackets then you must start your imagination with a brown colored jacket. And you are not alone who does this. Maybe earlier styles were of brown colored and that’s why we are used to accepting the leather jackets only in brown color. But now you can break the barrier. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are crafting jackets of various colors such as red, black, yellow, green, and even blue. Isn’t that amazing? Now you can just venture away from the traditional tan brown color and other neutral colors by exploring one of these less used colors.
  3. Standard warmth-it has been noticed that a large number of people buy leather jackets only for its standard warmth capacity. Actually, in the countries where winter is too cold there, leather jackets seem best to beat the cold. It is really great to insulate your body and stay warm. In order to stay warm, you cannot wear too many clothes and you should not even try this way unless you want to look like a clown. Not only looking like a clown but also carrying too many clothes on you is difficult. But when it comes to leather warmth then one single outerwear is enough to keep you cozy for all day.
  4. Versatile wear-no matter where you are going- in the office, for an interview, to meet friends or on a date- you need to look the best. And to look best you need to wear the best outerwear and you spend nearly half an hour staring at your closet to decide what you are going to wear today. But if in your closet, there is a leather perfecto jacket then you can easily match it with any bottom wear. And you can carry it nearly everywhere. Leather jackets are incredibly perfect to match with other garments. And that’s why people find investing in leather jacket really beneficial.
  5. Formal + informal wear-Yes, it is another adding benefit! You can carry leather outerwear in any formal and informal place. Generally, when it comes to suits then you have to save it for either a formal or casual occasion. But leather jackets are versatile in nature and you can wear them for so many occasions.
  6. Pays off the investment-You know that buying any leather jacket is an expensive investment. But no doubt these pay off the investment. Generally, 100% real leather jackets for men and women can run for from one generation to the next generation. So, you can understand that after buying one outerwear you can enjoy that for a longer time of span.
  7. Easy to clean-what you are wearing that you need to clean after time for the hygiene. But if the garment needs to wash every day or the regime is too complicated then you will feel automatically tired with the garment. Here cleaning regime is very easy as you need to use just Luke warm water to clean the stains. On the contrary, by hanging the jacket in some fresh air you can make the jacket fresh again. All the outerwear comes with proper labeling and there you will get the right cleaning way. But for intense clean consulting with a professional cleaner is the best option.
  8. Smells classy-You know that real leather smells nice. And probably the smell you get from the real leather that you will not get from any other alternative. Just from the smell people can realize that you have worn classy winter outerwear.

These are the main 8 reasons to invest in leather winter outerwear. A large number of people all over the globe prefer to invest in these types of outerwear. No doubt wearing real leather outerwear makes you more classy and attractive to others.

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The leather is a tradition! Yes, the fact is quite true. The real leather products are acting like traditional outerwear during the winter season. These jackets and coats are in the trend from the First World War time. And still, people are just gaga about these outwears. It has been noticed that the countries where winter is too cold there more and more people prefer leather products. No doubt leather has the capacity to offer standard warmth without making the wearer feel uncomfortable.

But the shocking fact is that a lot of people are also tending towards the synthetic alternatives without knowing its harmful effects. Maybe the alternatives are cheaper than the real leather although there are some facts that will limit your synthetic alternatives purchasing habit.

  1. First of all, these alternatives are not good for nature. They are not bio-degradable and directly contribute to global warming. The huge production of these products and excessive chemical usage are leaving too many harmful effects on nature. If you want to save the nature and want to avail an organic way of dressing then opting the leather outerwear is the best option for you.
  2. Apart from this, synthetic alternatives also do a lot of health interruptions. Every year a lot of people visit the dermatologists for the winter skin rashes. One of the main reasons for winter skin rash is wearing synthetic jackets and products. Actually, the real leather has breathable properties and that’s why your skin remains fresh after wearing a jacket for all day. But when you wear a faux jacket for a long time then you will end up by having skin rashes as there is no breathable property like the real leather. And it has been noticed that often the situation become too worse and people need to go under serious treatment.
  3. A synthetic alternative may seem apparently cheaper. But actually, it is not. If you buy an alternative then you have to buy another one in the next year as these jackets or coats do not run for more than one year. But if you purchase a real leather jacket then you can easily enjoy it in the next ten years. According to the textile and leather experts, with the proper, maintenance leather outerwear can run from one generation to the next generation.
  4. After years of use, you can easily bring back the lost shine of leather outerwear. Most of the leather retailers offer the regeneration service for their customers. Without investing a lot of bucks you can enjoy outerwear with sparkling shine for a longer time span. But generally, the alternatives do not offer this benefit. They end up their life and durability just after one or two years’ usage.
  5. Generally, real leather outerwears come with the warranty. But there is no such validity of the alternative products. It is just like testing your luck, you can enjoy a faux jacket for one year or just for one month. Along with this, the cleaning regime of this alternative is also complicated. On the contrary, with some lukewarm water and cotton cloth piece, you can clean the leather jackets and coats. And during the too much serious requirements, there are a lot of professional washermen to help you. But you should never experiment any trick with your real leather jacket. Not all the DIY tutorials are real and helpful. For the best help, communicating with the retailer is the best option.
  6. You can resell the real leather jackets. Yes, real leather jackets can easily pass from one generation to the next one. There are a lot of people and retailers who buy second-hand jackets. If you do not like your old jacket or coat anymore, then you can easily sell that and manage the fund for your next pure leather outerwear.
  7. Nowadays, most of the manufacturers are offering new designs and a wide range of color variety in case of real leather. And that you cannot match with any kind of synthetic alternative. There are various real leather jackets for womenand men at a reasonable price. In order to get those best products choosing the right destination is important.

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