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The leather jackets have been around with high demand since the Second World War time. And fashion critics also agree that this timeless item will be top of the trend in near decades too. You know that just a real leather jacket can   make you more attractive and classy to others instantly. Real leather is the symbol of class, fashion, and elegance and we all are in craving of these facts. In all the countries where winter is harsh and temperature runs in minus, there you will notice huge demand for real leather outerwear items. Even in peak season, it becomes hard for the manufacturers to supply according to the high market demand.

In the peak season, it is tough for both customer and retailer to shop the best product. There are some reasons for this situation-

    First of all, the huge crowd in the offline stores.

    Ceremonies are already knocking the door.

    High price range.

    Some popular products get out of stock quickly.

    Late shipping.

These are the very common problems people face when they try to shop the best leather jackets in winter. Today Alen Cooper will share some useful tips to you all so that you can shop the best jackets and coats at the right price without making any hurry and mistake. Actually, when people shop in a hurry they cannot pour proper attention towards all the necessary areas such as color, size, price comparison, leather quality, labeling, variety of designs, and even aftercare method. But all these are really important if you want to get the best thing instead of your hard earned money. So, let’s discuss the best ways of shopping in the below section-

  1. No doubt winter is a great time to shop as you will get a variety of designs available in the offline and online stores at that time. But there is always the chance of “out of stock” notification! This is really heartbreaking as you planned for months to buy a jacket and finally when you manage money and time you face the “out of stock” notice. And it is a very common picture in winter as there is too much demand. And that’s why Alen Cooper is suggesting you shop in summer without any worry! Yes, you are listening right thing. If you are astonished by hearing this fact, below -mentioned points will help you to understand.

Benefits of shopping leather outerwear in summer-

Less crowd- you can check each little detail by taking time and there is no one to make you hurry. You can communicate better with the store helpers and managers. And this is also applicable in online regime too. Through the chat process, executives can help you properly.

Huge discount- generally, in summer, manufacturers clear their stock and make space for new arrivals. In order to clear their stocks, they offer a huge discount even up to 70%. So, you can understand that by shopping in the summertime, you can save a lot of bucks. You know that leather jackets are timeless products, so, there is nothing wrong with fashion. The real leather jacket is constant in this ever-changing fashion world and that is amazing.

Fast customization- in the peak season, if you want customization service you have to wait for two to three weeks. And that is not possible sometimes. If you have size problems or want something specific, summer is the best time for that customization. The manufacturer gets enough time to think about your problem and crafts accordingly. You can share your own idea or can add some customization in the existing model so that you can wear the best and according to your heart.

You know that motorcycle leather jacketscan be worn at any time. These jackets are lightweight, small, and protective. So, whenever you ride a motorcycle, you can wear a leather biker jacket with full-on style. Women can wear cropped leather jackets with short skirts or denim; it will simply look cool and sensational in the hot summer.

  • If you are shopping for jackets to wear in summer, you should go with bright colors. The traditional black, brown, and tan colors are good options for winter. In summer, you can try yellow, red, green, mauve, blue, light beige and so many other bright colors. In too hot and humid days, you should not wear anything in black.
  • You know that in summer there are fewer crowds in physical stores. So, if you have any leather re-generation or cleaning requirement, you can use this time. In summer, you can skip wearing a leather jacket for some days easily and in those days you can repair, regenerate, and clean jackets and coats properly.
  • There are very few manufacturers who make summer and winter jackets in different ways. For instance, we can share that, Alen Cooper crafts special summer and winter jackets in different manners. Our summer jackets are lightweight, thin, short and even sleeveless whereas our winter jackets are long, full sleeves, and highly quilted for proper protection. And that’s why you are suggested to check these differences when you are shopping summer and winter jackets to wear in different seasons.

You know that Alen Cooper does not prefer to brag. And that’s why we help all the leather lovers equally; no matter he or she is our customer or not. If you come to shop from us, that will be a nice thing. Or if you have any other preference, you can ahead there happily. But as a responsible retailer we want to share some tips which will help you recognize genuine manufacturer and retailer-

    Proper product labeling

    All the details are provided in the label

    Proper aftercare and cleaning information

    Right price

    Easy return policy

    Easy payment method

    Genuine reviews and ratings on the website and Google local listing

    No hidden terms and conditions

    Proper billing

    Shipment tracking

    Proper packaging

If your chosen online or offline retailer providing all these facilities, you can easily go with that option. If some major facts are missing, you should think twice.

Hope, you all have found this blog helpful, stay connected with us and we will come again with another important topic to help you.

Shop the best, wear the best, and make your self-fashion trendiest!


Have a great day!


From the Second World War time, common people have been hunting leather jackets. There are so many outerwear items which get popular but after a time, people just forget them. But the leather jacket is completely different. It seems that people have fallen in love with leather jackets and that love is eternal. Decades change, fashion changes and even the century changes but the leather was the priority, is the priority, and will be the priority! The leather outerwear is timeless.

There are so many types and style are available in the market. But it sounds classier when it is about women’s leather motorcycle jacket. Actually, men and motorcycle were commonplace during the Second World War time. In order to perform inside the war tanks and to beat the cold, military men used to wear a leather bomber jacket. But after some time, in order to perform more carefully, they required the help of motorcycles.

Riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. It requires proper training, interruption-free concentration, and body strength. The bad weather conditions such as snow, cold wind or some injuries (can take place due to fall during riding) can interrupt your concentration. It has been noticed that due to too much cold wind, bikers cannot properly drive on the road and this often lead to devastating accidents. Apart from this, riding bikes in too cold weather can make the rider fall sick. When riding a bike has become the necessity in the U.S military then they feel the need for protective outerwear. Irving Schott has first designed the motorcycle leather jacket for the U.S military men.

After the war, common people started to adopt this style in their everyday style. That’s because they too were inspired by the bike riding and availed some bikes for their day to day use. For them, all the interruptions were the same as the military men. And that’s why they too started to wear the leather outerwear.

It is not that leather biker jackets were only popular for the protection purpose. But it also has a great style value. From the WWII, leather outerwear is a hot option in the world of fashion and style. From the Hollywood celebrities to the common man, everyone is in love with the leather products.

The leather products are considered as the sign of class and elegance. During the Victorian era, only the royal people can afford these products. Generally, leather products are expensive. Actually, you may panic at the first moment by hearing the price range but then you will not panic definitely. Actually, when we go for any synthetic alternative then we can avail it instead of a small amount. But in the next year, you have to run for another outerwear for sure. That’s because alternatives do not run for a longer time of span and just a wash can take away all its glamour instantly. But with the leather products such as leather jackets, coats or boots, you do not have to face this kind of situation. If you properly care your leather products then it can easily accompany you for decades. Even a maintained leather jacket can easily run from one generation to the next generation.

The female leather jacket is the outcome of some modernization in the women’s fashion world. During the 1970s, some female rock bands have introduced the use of leather jackets with some rock punk look in the society. Billy Idle and Blondie started to wear customized leather jackets during their band shows and then this style became viral. In this 2019, regardless of the gender, everyone prefers to wear leather outerwear especially in the countries where winter is too cold and snowy.

The leather is gentle, has breathable properties, soft and comfortable and that’s why women like it this much! Actually, women have found it as a great way of style and comfort in one alignment. Just a real leather jacket can make your simple look instantly elegant.

There is nothing specific that only limited to men! Even when the main concern is style! Without any doubt, the leather outerwear is an iconic style statement and that cannot be limited to men only. In all the fields of growth and improvement, women are taking part rather they are succeeding! Then why they will be far from the leather jackets! A woman with cool leather outerwear, full of confidence, and smile in her lips, look hotter than a volcano!

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