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If Alen Cooper creates a poll on the outerwear every woman should own, we are damn sure leather jacket would easily take the top spot. Previously, it was men’s game only but now women are just rocking with it. There are so many styles and leather shops in the market. But what suits you and your budget without making you look awkward, requires little research.


Today, Alen Cooper will help you ladies to wear the best leather jackets of the year and how to rule the trend without facing too much competition. Actually, women are really concerned about their outfits, shoes, looks, and accessories. Men can find this waste of time. But the reality is not that. One, who loves herself/himself, tries to enable all the best things for her/her.


Fashion is changing on a continuous motion and sometimes it feels really impossible to match its beat simultaneously. Why not you create your own style statement instead of copying others? Actually, it is the best way to represent your inner-self to the world without exaggerating.


When it comes to women’s fashion, leather outerwear is a constant. You cannot deny it. It is the symbol of pure class and elegance. There are so many leather jackets for women available in the market- some are ideal for winter and some are ideal for spring to summer. But there is one style which you can enjoy in any season and that is women’s leather motorcycle jacket.


This biker jacket style can help you to get 7 different cool looks this season. So, let’s see the ways you can try, below-

A sleek leather biker jacket with a simple trouser can offer you both casual and professional look. For both spring and winter, you can try this way. If you want to look cool yet professional, nothing can beat this way. You can try faded color trousers with a black biker jacket or you can try any bright color jacket in spring and summer days.


The studded jackets always add some extra sensation. During the end of the 1900s, some female rock stars used to wear customized and studded leather jackets during the band shows. And this just went viral. These jackets are still a trendy option for an attractive yet casual appearance. To attend some night party, pub dates, or long drives in motorcycle, you can try this one by paring with denim.


In summer or springtime, you can try cropped moto jackets with any long or short summer dresses. A long and colorful summer dress, platform heel, one sling bag- you are all set to enjoy the hot and humid vibes of summer.


If you want to try something out of the box and get the central attention, try women’s leather biker jacketwith a retro style pant with a medium sized bright belt. For the evening hangouts to late night fun, this style is just appreciated always. You can try this style in morning time too but do not forget to wear a sunglass and leave your hair untied.

If you feel your city is becoming colder and it is white all around, you can go with the quilted leather jackets. You can have quilted leather biker jackets with Alen Cooper. The number of quilts and pattern, color, length, and size- you can customize each and every feature with us. Quilted jackets are way more relaxed and it will be the most comfortable experience if you pair it with relaxed jeans and sneakers.

If it is holiday, you are feeling lazy yet you have to step out of the house and you need both warmth and style without putting lots of efforts, choose an oversized leather biker jacket. Wearing an oversized leather jacket with a trouser or relaxed denim feels cool, casual and perfectly relaxed all the time. To add some extra vibes, you can add a sunglass at the daytime.

If it is spring time and you have a date or meeting with friends, you should try something different to flaunt your inner self perfectly. In spring, we know you get a little confused as you cannot decide- you should wear winter outerwear or not. The answer is YES, you should wear. You can take off the jacket or coat whenever you feel suffocated but avoiding outerwear for all the time can harm your health. So, when it is springtime, it is time to explore some unique colors. You can try maroon or wine color jackets with a slim fit pant and set off for the entire day. Adding the same color lipstick can bring some extra attention to you!

These are the trendiest 7 ways you can try with real leather jackets for women. Trends will go on, fashion will change but leather outerwear is constant. And that’s why fashion experts consider this as a lifetime investment with exciting returns.


Again Alen Cooper will suggest you check all the little details about leather jackets properly before buying- quality, size, length, texture, color, and aftercare! Alen Cooper believes in long-lasting relationship with its customers and that’s why suggest all the required tasks a customer should perform before purchasing a leather jackets instead of his/her hard-earned money.


So, do the research and make this it “an ‘add to cart’ kinda day”!



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The world is evolving! And there is nothing too much tough that women cannot match. From riding the bikes to climbing the rocks-women can do everything. Then why not wearing leather biker jackets in this winter season! Actually, there was an idea and that is biker jackets are limited to the men only. But hopefully, the idea is over now. In the ending decades of 1900, some female rock stars, Blondie and Billy Idol have introduced the leather jackets in the female fashion world. And after that now most of the women are just gaga about the real leather biker jackets.

Nowadays both men and women are same passionate about motorcycle riding. A few days earlier it was limited to the men’s game only. But now you can wear stylish biker jackets easily. Irving Schott has first designed these leather jackets for the military men. And after the Second World War, common people started to adopt this jacket in their daily life. The adding warmth and protection are the main attributes of this motorcycle jacket.

When we ride a motorcycle then we need adding protection. The cold wind, snow, dust and so many other things are there to interrupt your driving and make you sick. Apart from the style and elegance, biker jackets are also perfect for bike riding protection. Actually, it was designed in a unique way so that it can keep you warm as well as protected from the potential injuries.

When we ride a bike, we need a strong grip over the handles and feet at the right place. In this type of situation, if we cannot concentrate on riding due to cold wind, dust and other weather interruptions then what is the benefit of availing a motorcycle! In order to ride the bike without facing these interruptions, wearing a leather biker jacket is the best option.

But not all the things are going to fit in your cup! There are various types of biker jackets are available in the market and you have to pick the best one for you. It has been noticed that a lot of people end up by buying the wrong product. But there are some ways through which you can easily pick the best biker jacket without investing huge bucks-

    At the first move, you need to check the quality of the product. There are various types of leather textures- sheepskin, lambskin and so on. Generally, for the leather biker jackets, manufacturers prefer sheepskin. This kind of leather jacket is soft and durable.
    The unique design of the leather biker jacket offers sound protection to the chest, sleeves, and shoulder. And that’s why you need to check that your chosen leather jacket is properly quilted or not.
    There are a lot of color variations. When you are riding a bike in the foggy weather or in the dark night then wearing deep color jackets is the best option. Other drivers or walking people can recognize you from far and it is helpful to avoid the accidents. Mustard leather jackets, wine color, and black color jackets are in high demand always.
    In order to enjoy the comfort and protection, you should pick up the right size. A lot of people cannot enjoy the actual comfort due to selecting the wrong size. It is a true fact that not two men or women are same in this world unless they are a twin. And that’s why the size also differs. Generally, most of the dedicated manufacturers offer the right size guide so that you can pick the best product easily. Apart from these, Alen Cooper offers customization service so that you can avail exactly that you need.

In order to buy the best leather jacket finding the best destination is also important. Alen Cooper is a leading leather, shearling, and fur outerwear and footwear destination. Here you will get the best jackets and coats at the right price. All the boots are of high quality and professional finish. You can reach us online or offline. We are there 24/7 for our customers. For any kind of query, you can just leave a message and we will reply you instantly. Serving the customers the best service and product is the main motto of Alen Cooper. We have quality assured products with an easy return policy. We have no hidden policy. We only believe in fair business and customer satisfaction. 

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