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Many people feel reluctant when it comes to buying real fur outerwear due to negative press they often get. The dilemma is everlasting, just like the dilemma continues between non-vegetarian and vegetarian! But what most matters is YOURSELF! If you are happy at the end of the day, we can do better all the good things. Due to the easy availability and cheap price range, synthetic alternatives got huge popularity at the end of 1990 and starting of 2000.

But the increased globalization and harmful effects of the synthetic alternatives have diverted people from the point of interest hugely. In order to produce alternatives, a lot of chemicals need to be used. The production process and the wastage harm the soil, air, and water. It directly contributes the environmental pollution. Apart from this, when these alternatives directly come to the contact of human skin, cause a lot of skin rashes, itching, and bumps. Even you may need to consult a dermatologist and undergo a serious treatment.

Any valid logic to bear these problems?

Not at all!

Animal fur is way safer and does not contribute to global warming and pollution. Real fur may be a little expensive in comparison with the alternatives but the best fact is that animal fur comes with a long life span.

Apart from the lifespan, there are a lot of reasons to invest in real fur this fall. Fur is in the use since the Stone Age and still, it is in high demand. It has been noticed that in the countries where winter is too cold and snowy there fur usage is comparatively higher than others. If we evaluate the reasons here then we can better understand the importance of real fur. So, let’s start-

Amazing Warmth- Still the Stone Age people are just in love with real fur products over any other type of winter clothing. Without being bulky, they can offer you incredible warmth even in the days of too cold winter. You can wear it, just over a T-shirt. There is no need to wear too many clothes to protect the cold and feel warm inside. Real animal fur such as mink or rabbit fur can keep you warm even in the minus temperature. At Alen Cooper, there are so many real mink fur coats for sale presently.

Comfort- It is another great reason for returning to fur products again. Synthetic alternatives are not able to offer you the same level of comfort and soothing experience. On the contrary, when alternatives directly come to contact to skin, can easily cause skin irritation, itching, rashes, and bumps. Along with this, there is no breathable property to keep your skin fresh. But with real fur, you can enjoy proper insulation and comfort at the best level.

Everlasting fashion- generally, we know fashion fades with the time but the style is the constant. But with real fur, this proverb does not match. It has high fashion value since the Stone Age and still, it is just rocking the trend. In the Victorian era, real fur outerwear, vests, collar, and hats were accepted as the symbol of class and elegance. Only the high-status people of society were able to afford these products. Both men and women could wear these fur garments.

Modern Sensation- Fur has never gone out of fashion. And the modern world is just gaga about the real fur outerwear. No matter wherever you are going, fur outerwear can make you more attractive than ever. From Hollywood celebrities to famous models, everyone prefers to wear these fur outerwear. Nowadays, famous magazine covers also come with models who are wearing this kind of outerwear, just to make the cover page more elegant.

These four are the main benefits that you can enjoy by availing real fur outerwear from Alen Cooper.

Alen Cooper is an old and reliable destination for these winter products. It is here for more than a decade. Now you can reach both online and offline.  Here you will get any kind of fur coat for women and men easily at a reasonable price. You can satisfy any kind of product related query with us. We will promptly answer your question.

In our next blog, we are coming with the best fur care and cleaning methods. Stay connected!

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Purely water resistant and moisture wick

“Fashion is an ART and you are the CANVAS” and that you can best do with a shearling and fur coat. Actually, we believe that if people wear the things they adore, they definitely look better. And at Alen Cooper, we just simply maintain the quality that people admire.

In this season, shearling coats are everywhere! You can find trendy shearling coats in fashion magazines, shopping malls and even in the online stores. So, why not you explore the latest collections at Alen Cooper without facing any kind of hassle as now Alen Cooper is online.

You may have a question and that is there are a lot of fashion clothing options for the winter then why you will go for shearling and fur coats! Let’s discuss the reasons below-

You have to attend a party or an office meeting- Alen Cooper has a wide shearling and fur coat collection to let you fit in attractively and beat the chill. Shearling coats for men and women have a lot to offer and you just have to pick the right one according to your size and choice.

Warmth- If you live in coldweather then you cannot simply ignore the benefits of shearling coats. In order to beat the cold, wearing too many clothes makes you simply look like a panda. But when it comes to shearling coat then a single coat is enough to keep you warm in the coldest days of the winter. You can beat the cold with stylish and best quality coats. Shearling coats are available in different colors and sizes so that maximum people can enjoy the winter instead of getting frozen. For the best quality coats, you can visit Alen Cooper online and offline.

Durability- you may find shearling coats expensive but if you take a glance at the durability of the coat then you will find it an investment-worthy product. It is a true fact that shearling is expensive than faux garments or fabric ones. But when it comes to quality and durability then shearling is best option. If you enable proper care and maintenance then you can enjoy a shearling coat over 30 years without any problem. You may think that you cannot simply wear a coat for 30 years! You just don’t worry, here at Alen Cooper you can enjoy the best and trendy shearling outerwear, and every year it comes with new designer collections to let you experience a greater outerwear regime.

Sheepskin coats are popular for their elegant yet casual style. These coats are fit for any nearly occasion. Generally, these coats come in myriad of fashionable silhouettes with impressive accents such as fur trim, draped collars, belted waists and so on. Along with the great longevity, these accents add a greater style value and the wearer simply looks elegant in any occassion.

Purely water resistant and moisture wick- Generally, shearling coats are water resistant and moisture wicking. It is not that shearling only repels the external water but also wick the perspiration away from your skin. The natural water repellent layers protect the fiber’s core against the moisture. Generally, core wool fiber can absorb 30% of its total weight in moisture vapor without getting damp. So, you don’t need to worry if you get caught by the rain or snow as all you need to do is shake your shearling coat and smooth it with a soft brush.

Comfort in different weathers- From the above discussion, you may have an idea shearling coat is too warm and best in winters. Yes, it is true that it is a great choice in winter but you can stay cool and dry in your shearling coat on even spring or autumn. Actually, the beauty of shearling is that it is versatile in nature as it has breathability and moisture-wicking properties. These properties are really helpful to keep the temperature regulated according to the fluctuations in the environment. So, it is an ensured matter that you will stay dry, cool or warm in your shearling outerwear according to the environment.

Easy to carry- we do not following the world war models and that’s why you don’t need to worry about the weight of the coat. Actually, previously shearling coats were heavy and people find it difficult to wear and carry. But at Alen Cooper, you will get lightweight coats with trendy design. We know if people do not find the outerwear comfortable then already an adding hassle is there to interrupt all over the day. Lightweight and well-designed shearling coats with fur are waiting for you to let you get a great fashion outerwear experience. With these coats, not only you will feel the adding comfort but also you will enjoy the latest designs which are leading the trend.

Why Alen Cooper?

Well, if it comes to buy the best shearling jacket for men or women then probably there is no better destination than Alen Cooper! Why? It is the best for reasons. First of all, all the products are organic and it always uses the best quality imported products so that you can enjoy your outerwear truly. Secondly, there are the expert and pro designers who are aware of the latest trends and design and doing accordingly. We all prefer to wear designer dresses as these simply make us feel gorgeous. Products from Alen Cooper simply worth the price as these come with a great longevity and even after five to seven years after purchase, products look like a newly bought one. Here you will enjoy simple and easy payment facilities in both online and offline regime. And the best part is that there are sound discounts which will melt you away.

So, if you are planning to avail the best shearling and fur outerwear then just visit Alen Cooper physically or online and grab the best deal and product of the day.

So stay tuned with Alen Cooper and explore the best collections!

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