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Fashion craze over the ages is all about implement creative ideas and innovative thoughts on clothing. In a recent development a fascinating version of shearling jackets is setting the domain of men’s fashion ablaze. The most striking feature of this product line is the fur hood. Authentic plates of fox fur are used in crafting the hood. It is indeed high time for all stylish and style-savvy men to take a look at this fresh and impressive item range.

But before anything else it’s important to explore a little to have a clear idea about both the fabrics used in making the product.


Shearling is renowned all over the world for its luxuriously soft and supple texture. The fabric is also called lambskin and is exclusively sourced from young lambs. Unlike wool it cannot be derived from fully grown sheep. The item offers sufficient warmth and comfort in extreme low temperature conditions. One of the great plus points of this winter clothing material is it requires minimal care and maintenance to last for years at a stretch. Considering all these factors it is obvious that the fabric has unbelievable demand in the fashion industry all over the world.
Men’s wine shearling jacket with fur collar and hood

Fox fur is another overwhelmingly popular of item in fashion industry. Just like lambskin – it is very soft and supple in texture. The lightweight item is also easy to carry. More importantly the fabric is ideal to keep you warm and insulated even in the coldest geographical locations on earth where the temperature drops several degrees below the ice point for months together.

Lambskin pelts that are used are sourced all the way from Turkey in Europe. A lot of creativity and innovation has gone into designing the version of clothing merchandise.  The product line radiates unparalleled elegance and charm. In fact it seems the impressive item range is conceptualized with the intention to help you standout in any crowd radiating unbeatable style and taste. And it is because of this reason it is safe to say the innovative assortment of winter wear rightly belongs to a completely different class of its own.

As already mentioned earlier the elegant fur hood is the unique selling point or USP of this plush clothing range. Original plates of fox fur are used in making the hood. This design element unquestionably adds to the charm of the item making it look more regal as well as tasteful.

It is important to note the product range is completely crafted by hands. It stands as one of the latest examples of 100% genuine Italian craftsmanship. The inner woolen layer of the lambskin is flipped and exposed on the top at certain places like the shoulders, wrists, collar, waistline and the side pockets. This is nothing short of a grand innovative designing and it unquestionably adds a powerful appeal to the shearling coat with fur hood making it more sophisticated and tasteful. Thanks to the neat and impressive designing you can easily wear the plush clothing item as a proper dress.

By virtue of innovative designing you can wear the jacket as a proper dress. Moreover you can easily wear it to attend different types of social events and gatherings. A group of highly trained and experienced designers based in Italy shouldered the entire cutting and stitching aspect of the product line. The item range reflects absolutely flawless finishing. In other words those designers worked with towering heights of care, caution, diligence and precision.

Unlike the standard versions of the product the lambskin jacket guarantees perfect fit for everyone without considering your height or physique. The item is available in a wide variation of size. The jacket is luxuriously soft and supple in texture. In addition to that it is also significantly lightweight. It offers sufficient warmth and insulation in harsh chilly climatic conditions. In fact the plush inter wear is ideal for extreme cold geographical regions where the temperature drops several degrees below the freezing point for moths together.

This carefully designed coat rightly showcases your delicate taste and elegant choice in fashion.  Designed with utmost love and care the item is not only aesthetically appealing but also perfect from practical functionality aspect. Those spacious side pockets are designed to keep your palms warm and comfortable in outdoors during extreme cold temperature conditions. Unlike the other products under the category this jacket not only boosts your aesthetic appeal but also improves your self-confidence to a large extent.
Shearling jacket with fur hood for smart and stylish mens

The inbuilt belt along the waistline is another appealing design feature of this stylish jacket. In fact no stone is left unturned in designing this item range so that you enjoy a higher value of your money.

The inbuilt belt at the waist makes the jacket unbelievably smart and appealing. Those spacious hand-warming side pockets are for keeping your palms warm and comfortable in outdoors during extreme low temperature conditions. To sum up everything in fewer words no stone is left unturned in designing the item range to ensure higher value of your money.

This elegant Shearling jacket with fur hood meant for smart and stylish men is your best bet to appear smarter, trendier, sexier, classier, more elegant, tasteful, charming, appealing and confident. Stocks at Alen Cooper are already limited and orders are pouring in from all sides. Hurry up! The last piece may get sold out any time soon.

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