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Leather jackets have been fashion trend over the ages and they’re pretty unlikely to go out of style. Unlike any other clothing range they have classic and versatile appeal. As one of the staple items for every functional wardrobe, buying a leather jacket is actually more of an investment.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore some of the popular varieties of these jackets to help you get some idea before going out for shopping.

Unique Biker Jacket for Men wirh model newClassic leather jacket

As far as style is concerned this variety is most understated compared to the rest. If you’re picking up this one make sure the fitting is perfect. Since the item has minimal features, it’s crucial how well it sits on your body. Perhaps it is implied this is the most basic leather jacket and is ideal for an individual with pretty conservative sense of fashion. You can’t make much style statements with it.

Racer jacket

As the name implies, racer jackets were conceptualized and designed for race. After the turmoil of the WWII settled down a large number of men found pleasure and recreation in racing bikes between local cafes and pubs. Thus the requirement for a minimalist leather jacket came to the forefront. Unlike the other varieties this one has a slimmer fit and includes a front zip. A racer jacket also offers much protection from bruises in case of a fall.

Bomber jacket

As early as the WWI, this range of leather jackets was designed for warplane pilots. That is why this original version of flight jackets is still called ‘bomber’. They also have quite simple designing and end on the waist line. Moreover they’re tighter at the waist and the wrist. You can pair a number of things with a bomber to keep redefining your style statement time and again.

Flight jacket

Somewhat like bombers, flight jackets were also invented for aviation professionals. It has a shearling lining inside to offer unparalleled warmth and comfort even in extreme low temperature conditions. This fashionable variety of leather jackets is now equally popular among pilots and other professionals. Its design has been greatly improved to make the jacket fashionable as well as more functional. An ideal outerwear for winters it is guaranteed to give you that killer look. To make a smart and classy style statement you can keep it simple with plain trousers and a gauge knit.

Biker jacket

Men’s biker jacket was the first to arrive followed by the female version. As it is obvious from the name itself, this jacket was originally designed for motorcyclist. The designing of the jacket is such that it allows riders with their cropped style lean over the bikes. It gives you an undeniable edge right from the moment you put it on. Compared to the other varieties of leather jackets this one is definitely more eye-catchy with features like poppers, buckles, zippers, large lapels and others. It is equally appealing at both day and night whether you’re roaming the streets or having a cool drink seated at some pub.

Field jacket

Field jacket is another agelessly popular version of leather jackets. Initially it was designed for military personals. It may or may not be longer in length to the other varieties but it definitely has a larger number of pockets. At any given moment and place you can make a serious fashion statement with a field jacket.

Right outfits for leather jackets

When you’re donning a leather jacket, you should maintain a simple outfit. That makes room for the jacket to make all the style statements you want to throw. On the other hand there’re plenty of options for you to pair with your leather biker jacket to create a range of versatile and appealing looks. Unlike almost any other chic winter wear item you can either dress up or dress down a leather jacket. Moreover it allows you showcase a more carefree and casual as well as more proper appearance.

New Men’s Wine Color Leather Moto Jacket with Real Raccoon Collar for winter new with modelHere’re some tips to expose your flamboyance in a leather jacket in the following sections.

  • A motorcycle jacket is ideally to be paired with any dark shade. You can pair it with a black ripped jeans and high top sneakers. By the way skate shoes are great too creating a street style appearance. Donning a plain black tee shirt or even a band tee shirt with it is something ultimate.
  • A slim fit black jeans and a white or black tee shirt with a simple logo can have a magnetic effect on your appearance. Caps are one of the best accessories to go with Moto jackets.
  • A white shirt with grey slacks and a tie is the preppy and sophisticated style statement for a leather jacket. As footwear accessory Oxford shoes are the best alternative. Make sure your jacket matches the color of your shoes.

A leather jacket is always game when paired with a dark turtleneck sweater and a pair of chinos. A black leather belt and a pair of derby shoes are the finest set of accessories to go with it.

The bottom line is quite simple; you’ve to put on your creative hat to recreate and redefine your style statements with men’s biker jackets with fur hood time and again. The more creative you’re, the more options will keep popping up from time to time.

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