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Specification- Long blue leather regular boot is now available at Alen Cooper. The pure leather texture is there to let you experience the best level of comfort and style together. This pair is long lasting and adds a sensational look to the wearer. The shiny black color and perfect fit will make your every step more attractive.

Storyline- The story of Cow boy boots is complicated as no one is aware of its actual invention story. According to some people, a shoemaker in Kansas first invented this type of shoe. But another group says it was first invented by one in Texas. In 1865, after the civil war, cowboys realized that they need different boots for safe riding. In 1870, cowboys started to customize their boots according to their needs. Fashion customizes itself always and today’s cowboy boot style is the result of customization. In other words, it can be said that continuous fashion experiments have enabled this style to the traditional cowboy leather boots.

Specialties- Round toe, pure leather goring with perfect fit and side zipper closure are the main attributes of this shoe pair.

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