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Sheepskin Short Jacket in Red to Look Ravishing Always


Original price was: $2,400.00.Current price is: $1,295.00.

  • Genuine pelts of shearling used in designing the product line
  • The product line boasts of fine Italian craftsmanship
  • The item is totally crafted by hands
  • Slim-cut design
  • The item range radiates unparalleled sophistication and style
  • Unlike the other ranges of the product you can wear this jacket as a proper dress

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This luxurious sheepskin short jacket in red is a magnificent outfit which perfectly balances the aesthetic and utilitarian features. On one hand, it can make any woman look glamorous because of its impressive design and vibrant color. On the other hand, it’s designed using real sheepskin and offers pleasant warmth throughout the winter. This will be undeniably an excellent winter outerwear.

Exquisite Sheepskin Short Jacket in Red with Impressive Features

This jacket has been handcrafted using high-end materials. Its striking features and premium quality are certainly going to impress through generations. Therefore, it will be a valued addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It’s hard not to become the center of attention at a party or event wearing this red leather jacket. Inside of this waist-length jacket is covered by wool which keeps one comfortable for hours.

The stand-up collar of fox fur is designed to offer warmth to the neck. Its soft texture also offers a cozy feel. The buckled leather straps fitted to the collar are useful for adjusting its tightness around the neck. Finest quality pelts of fox have also been used in the hemline of this leather jacket. This feature isn’t just prettifying. To emphasize, the furry layer around the waist offers more warmth.

This jacket is designed with long sleeves to ensure absolute protection in winter. It fits snugly and has accentuated cuffs. The front zipper of metal has chrome finish for longevity. It can be used to fully close this outfit. This jacket is also designed with two slash-style pockets on both sides. One may use them to carry essentials or to keep their hands warm in colder days of winter.

Key Components

  • Gorgeous red jacket of premium quality sheepskin is a testament to refined craftsmanship
  • Stand-up collar designed using fox fur for warmth and high-fashion looks
  • Buckled leather straps to adjust the collar
  • Modish hemline of fox fur offers more warmth
  • Snugly fit long sleeves with accentuated cuffs
  • Front zipper of metal with chrome finish
  • Slash-style pockets on both sides to carry essentials and to keep the hands warm
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