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Sheepskin Jacket for Men 



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We introduce the sheepskin jacket men in brown-on-brown elegance with double zipper. Being that it is one of a ‘One of its Kind’, the splendid jacket is perfect for all irrespective of physique and shape. Besides, the casual look bomber is tailored in blazer style.


To begin with, this luxurious sheepskin men jacket is solely designed for any weather conditions keeping the wearer one step ahead of the modern fashion world. Besides, its evergreen design of thick wool on the arms enhances the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

Basic Details of Men Sheepksin Jacket

Going to a little depth of the design, the men jacket in sheepskin reflects burn-out distressed finished leather.

To point out, the inner is thick shearling wool. Furthermore, shearling wool trims stylize the sleeves in a lovely geometric pattern. Markedly, the sleeve edge and coat bottom edge is circled with dense fur trim. Also, the collar and lapel highlight the short wool trim. These classic features with snap buttons on the bottom and lapel highlight the prime parts.

A top-grade leathered belt surrounds the collar to ensure a warm comfortable feel during chilly winter. Then again, the stylish men jacket in sheepskin altogether gives a prime look and also features tilted side pockets with good-quality metal zippers. Further, a separate chest pocket with a metal zipper and another flapped bottom pocket adds to the décor.

Physical Features of Sheepskin Men Jacket:

  • Distressed burn-out type leather on the exterior
  • Thick-trimmed uniformly patched wool on the interior
  • All visible wool and inner wool are from pure Premium Sheepskin Shearling
  • Wool band on sleeve and coat bottom edge
  • Designed thick fur lining on arms
  • Sheepskin featured collar with lapel
  • A prime leather belt around a high-neck collar with metal-finished buckles
  • Tilted  pockets with zippers
  • Bottom pocket with buttoned flap
  • Dual zippers on the front
  • High-grade leather band circling coat bottom and shoulder
  • Equipped with double zippers, the sheepskin jacket men casts funky design throughout. Thereby altogether gives a majestic manly look especially when zipped in biker style. This is a unique comfortable outerwear just perfect to maintain high-class fashion along with keeping the wearer well insulated.
  • The contrasting color leather belt and thick wool plating just contribute to the glorious look making the bomber tagged as ethnic wear too. So, don’t give it a second thought, but just go for it !! we assure you that you will never regret the option.
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