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Mink Jacket for Men in Fox Fur Hood and Collar


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Winter is nearing, therefore having a sizable wardrobe of winter gear is crucial. One of the most intriguing ones in this regard is Alen Cooper’s collections for men, which have fox and mink fur detailing. A great winter outfit is the Premium Mink Jacket with Fox Fur Hood.
Original mink fur pelts were used to create the jacket’s exterior and entire sleeves. The excellent quality of the fur itself gives the mink its shiny appearance and silky, smooth texture. The interior’s soft satin lining is also intended to provide the wearer with a pleasant and opulent experience.
The broad collar and lapel are covered in lush fox fur thus the appearance of the attire is enhanced. Because of the enticingly thick collar and lapel, this cozy costume stands out among other branded garments. The coat is customized with a central zipper that extends to the lapel, extending the fashion statement. This metal-coated zip-up with its large collar and lapel exudes a sophisticated charm. Additionally, the outfit becomes more alluring and bewitching when it is hooded up with its dense fox fur plating.
The stunning and elegant appeal of the Premium Mink Jacket completely eclipses a gloomy winter day thanks to its overall color scheme of Navy-Blue and pearl. The color scheme along with the navy blue regal fox fur is perfect for a joyous evening and a large gathering.
To give the clothing a clear structured, individualized look, slit-style side pockets are stitched at the hip level. A high-quality belt made of black leather completes the outfit’s sleek look. Its high-quality metal buckle adjusts the fit around the waist to create a stunning silhouette.
This winter attire is made with a loose-fit that allows for fluid body mobility of the wearer’s as per their convenience and comfort. The exquisite mink fur is perfectly capable of keeping the person warm and shielding them during a cold season.
The winter clothing is sure to sparkle and glitter in the dark with its regal-style fox fur hood. It will undoubtedly appear warm and sparkly due to the daring color blend pattern on the body and the wide collar!
Physical Features:
• Color pattern of navy blue and pearl
• Full skin mink fur
• Mink fur hood with fox fur embracing
• Fox fur collar with lapel
• Rich Satin layer on inner
• Slit-type hidden pocket on the hip side
• Central metal zipper for front closing
• Leather-made waist belt

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