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Men’s Shearling Jacket on Black with Masculine Touch Is a Luxury Item


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Winter coats have their glamour. Alen Cooper has introduced this Men’s Shearling Jacket in Black, which is the fusion of unique concepts and creativity. This winter wear has a suede finish on the outer surface. The authentic shearling jacket is a mark of sophistication and aristocracy.

It has a soft and supple texture that is ideal for use in harsh weather situations. The shearling jacket was handcrafted and sourced from lambs. The coat ensures a great fit for anybody, regardless of height or build. The aesthetic appeal of this handcrafted winter wear cannot be ignored.

This shearling jacket has an inner woollen layer and a furry look. The inner layer is exposed after flipping at the visible area like the collar and the interior of the jacket. The woollen patch mixes in so nicely with the distressed look, giving the overall design a new feel. This is more of a vintage yet modernist aesthetic sense.

This shearling jacket for men is a one-of-a-kind product that exudes refinement. There are also shoulder applets on both sides. This black outfit with dual skin texture is lightweight and easy to carry.

The front line of the jacket has a metallic zipper to provide maximal insulation. The jacket has a shearling skin hood. The inner and outer surface of this hood is the same as that of the jacket body. There are spacious hand-warming side pockets with flip covers and snap buttons. The side pockets will keep your palms warm and comfy even in extremely cold conditions. The primary use of the side pockets is for small storage spaces. The in-built leather belt with buckles and loop at the waistline on two sides adds a modern and masculine touch. It establishes a distinct class for itself.


  • Made out of genuine pelts of shearling
  • Outer suede surface
  • Spacious side pockets
  • Side pockets with flip cover and snaps buttons.
  • In-built leather belts on two sides of the waistline
  • Inner woollen layer
  • The inner surface flipped and exposed at the collar, cuffs and waistline
  • Shearling hood with an inner woollen layer


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