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Men’s Real Stylish Shearling Jackets In Brown is a Fashionable Winter Outfit


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Do style and safety coexist? Apart from a few areas, with the advancement of technology and innovation, style and safety or protection can coexist. We emphasise the comfort, warmth, and insulation that a winter garment gives during cold weather days, i.e. protection from chilly winds and comfortable wear. But that does not mean we have to sacrifice style or fashion. This Men’s Real Stylish Shearling Jacket in Brown from Alen Cooper is an example of a wonderful balance of style and comfort in winter apparel.

This shearling features a suede finish on the outside and a woollen finish on the inside. The dull off-white surface inside has trimmed woollen fur. The matte brown shade outside contrasts the off-white colour of the interior surface. This jacket is made of genuine, high-quality sheepskin shearling. During the winter, this jacket keeps you warm and comfy.

The jacket has a metallic zipper as a front closure. The front opens symmetrically. At the collar, the inner trimmed fur surface is flipped and exposed. The collar joined to a hood has the same shearling skin on the exterior and the off-white woollen surface inside. The inner trimmed surface in off-white is visible at the sleeve and hemlines. The deep chocolate brown shade border at the front line and the hemlines highlight the aesthetic part of this jacket.

The side pockets in this shearling suit are closed with metallic zippers. The pockets lie slightly vertically slanted. This jacket’s zippers are all excellent quality chrome-finished metallic zippers. When the temperature drops, the pockets serve as hot zones for the hands. In this outfit, the noticeable stitch marks or seam lines are at the back, the shoulder, sleeves, and the hood, creating some unique design that levels up the overall look.


  • Suede finish outside in brown
  • Inside side woollen trimmed surface in off-white
  • The inner fur surface flipped and exposed at the collar
  • Collar with a hood of the same material
  • Metallic zipper as front closure
  • Sleeves and hemlines with woollen fur as border
  • Two zip-locked side pockets
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