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Description: Shearling aka sheepskin is a popular winter outerwear material and in use since Stone Age. Now Alen Cooper has crafted a unique outerwear for you inspired by the cowboy style. This shearling coat has big side pockets, stand collar with fur trim hood, and long sleeves. The front blunt button closure is ensuring the perfect fit. It is warm as well as too much comfortable for the too cold winter days.

Storyline: It is hard to believe that shearling is dating back the Stone Age. It is a prehistoric normcore. In the Iron Age, the quality becomes a bit better to signify the social status. The nomadic Cuman people of Eurasia started to use shearling as a lining for the hats. In the Victorian era, we can notice its strong presence among the winter outerwear options. During 1940s, American pilots started to wear the bomber jackets to beat the cold. And then in 1950s, Hollywood stars started to appear more stylishly with shearling jackets and coats. After that, in the ending years of 1900s, people prefer to wear shearling boots during the cold days. And today, most of the people of cold countries are in want of shearling outerwear and footwear for more warmth and attractiveness.

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  • Neck- where your shirt’s collar sits of the neck, there place the measuring tape in a relaxed mode and take the measurement.
  • Chest- around the fullest part of your chest, place the measurement tape. The measurement tape should be even and parallel to the ground during the measuring regime.
  • Waist- here you need to measure your natural waist, the narrowest part of the torso but don’t forget to hold the tape in a slightly relaxed mode.

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