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Bomber-Styled Beige Shade Winter Jacket To Look Smart And Feel The Warmth


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When choosing a winter outfit, things to look out for are- soft texture with significant warmth, excellent aesthetic appeal, comfortable to wear and one that fits the wearer’s physique. These criteria do not match together all the time while purchasing. But, if one gets all these criteria in one single outfit, the individual will stop by to pick up one. Alen Cooper is the one-stop destination available online to meet all these criteria in its huge collection of winter wear. In the men’s category, the GENUINE SHEEPSKIN SHEARLING BOMBER JACKET is one of a kind that has fabulous colour, and nice texture and provides significant comfort & warmth to the wearer.

The beige and brown mixed shade of this bomber-style jacket is very alluring. Genuine shearling from young sheepskin is the material used for outerwear. The outer Nappa finished skin is supple and soft in texture. The wearer will get the necessary warmth along with a comfortable touch. The inner layer is, however, softer due to its woollen appearance, which is the trimmed surface of a shearling.

The wide collar of this jacket is folded back. As a result, the inner trimmed surface is exposed outside at the collar, which makes the product more beautiful. The collar has dual strap leather belts, which are inbuilt. The belts also have buckles for closure.

The jacket closure is, however, with a zip-lock system. This zip-lock divides the front of the jacket into symmetrical halves. The upper two side pockets are closed with a zip-lock, while the lower two are open in a slanting way. The lower pockets are for palm-warming during extreme cold. This premium quality outfit has two inbuilt small leather belts with buckles on the sides. The wrist cuffs have woollen borders due to the inner trimmed layer exposed outside.


  • genuine sheepskin Shearling
  •  Comfortable and warm
  • Leather belts with dual straps at the collar
  • Leather belts for design on two bottom sides
  • Hand-warming side pockets


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