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Dressy 2 tone Rabbit Bomber Jacket



This is a Special/Customized Order. 

DELIVERY: 2 to 3 weeks from the day of receipt of Order. 


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A simple winter with a bright and opulent appearance sometimes becomes the only criterion required for an outerwear. Women’s winter wear, having the most simplistic design and carrying fewer frills and décor, sounds to be very comfortable to wear long enough. Alen Cooper introduces the Dressy 2 tone Rabbit Bomber Jacket, known amongst the bundle of elegant light weight winter wears.

However, the jacket excels in being easily portable and features an easy dressing.

Design Aspect

The outerwear’s simplicity is maintained; thereby the fashion tag is also upheld by its striking design. To point out, it carries dual tones of a contrasting metallic brown and white shades. Thus, the intriguing blend is a perfect fusion and throws off its grandeur. Besides, body and long sleeves are shaded with the uniform stunning hue. 

Aside the color scheme beauty, the attraction’s defining trait includes its premium and pleasant feel, which is certain to boost the excellent look of the Dressy 2 Tone Rabbit Bomber jacket as well as impart an utter comfort.

Luxury Aspect

Full skin real rabbit fur maintains optimum warmth which is the specialty of its natural form. Additionally, the superior fur is smooth and keeps up a uniform texture throughout. Also, the internal lining made of silky satin is of high end quality and thus is suitable for all skin types, which is an important standard of an ideal wear.

Functional Features of the Dressy 2 Tone Rabbit Fur Bomber

To enumerate, two side pockets are in a slit style manner into which palms can comfortably skate and stay warm. The furred collar is in a collar-down style and is followed by short lapels. Indeed it is very soft and forms a comfy neck-support option as well. Besides, the jacket outlines an overall flexible fit. However, long sleeves shape out the baggy type fit out of it.

Further, top Notch smooth-run zipper tidies up the centrally oriented front closing feature. High rise waistline features elastic fit and thereby throws a classic look. Thus, the bomber stays in place by the tight-fit elasticized border.

Ending Clause

The exquisite Dressy 2 tone Rabbit Bomber Jacket is tagged under the ‘never dying fashions’, whose original allure is certain to remain bright as new after years of use. It carries sturdy seam stitches and so also encourages the buyer for crude uses. In brief, it is a valuable one time purchase, the option which shall always flourish.


Physical Features:

  • Natural rabbit fur Jacket
  • Dual toned color scheme 
  • Silky Satin inner lining
  • Bomber fit elastic style on waist
  • Rabbit fur collar and lapel down
  • Slit-style side pockets 
  • Zipper closing in front



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