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Crop Coat for Womens in Shearling Wool Trim Accents



  • Waist length jacket
  • Real sheepskin leather with silky-crak finishing
  • Shearling fur trim
  • Double breast style
  • Belted front closing along waist
  • Collar-down followed by lapel

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Take a chance on Alen Cooper’s luxurious shearling jackets for experiencing comfortable winter day and night outings! Shearling and sheepskin outerwear have always been an iconic dressing means. Their authenticity keeps pace with the opulence and thereafter shows improvement in warmth retention, snug preservation, and hassle-free mobility. In like manner, the crop coat for womens in shearling exudes an air of luxury and style.

Undoubtedly, the brand’s fresh innovations are reflected in every design and thus reinvent the fashion norms. 

About the Womens Shearling Crop Coat

The snug outerwear features a short-length style holding accessories and embellishments. However, advanced processing and tailoring keep with the compact weight. To enumerate the basic features, the coat holds a button-down front, the closing of which orients sidewards to promote comfort during outings. Regular turn-down collar with notched lapels is accentuated with shearling merino wool accents. Further, slash pockets also show a similar feature.

Besides, extra add-ons include the double breast front held up by elite buttons. Long sleeves and its endings carry the merino wool trim. Being that it is immensely dense, the overall outlook is utterly enhanced. Additionally, the frontline, hemline, and body also hold the woolen accents which form an attractive pattern. This eye-catching detailing significantly compliments the nappa-finished shearling coat. However, the woolen collar also marks distinctiveness. 

Potentials of the Womens Crop Coat in Shearling

To summarize, high-quality shearling pelts produce warmth and splendor that endures both throughout prolonged usage and after several uses. Separately, the body and sleeves have an unmatched gloss attributable to the smooth Nappa finish. Thus, this modern outerwear balances fashion and comfort and is integral to an ideal winter wear.

Features of the Crop Coat Womens Shearling

  • Crop-length single-tone women’s Coat
  • Glossy Nappa finished hide with real pelts of shearling merino wool
  • Slash-style accessorized front pockets
  • Double breast button-down front closure
  • Long Sleeves with wool trim accent
  • Wool trim highlights the frontline, hemline, sleeves, and back
  • Regular collar and notched lapels are accentuated with wool trim
  • Comfy fitting outerwear


  • Finishing – Complete Nappa
  • Wool – Authentic Shearling Pelts
  • Embellishment – Shearling Merino Wool Trim
  • Accessorized Hemline, Frontline, Sleeves, Back and Side Pockets
  • Regular Woolen Turn-down Collar with Notch Lapels
  • Double Breast Button-down Front 
  • Crop-length Coat
  • Woolen Slash Pockets
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Water Repellent
  • Application – Casual, Rides, Festive



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